James Likoudis is a Catholic author and apologist


I am interested in any books written by the eminent Catholic Apologist and recipient of the Blessed Fredrick Ozenam award. But I have not been able to find any,

Plenty of information about Jim on line by typing in his name. But not seen any books he has written.

Jim Likoudis has a very real and refreshing take on Catholicism. I would like to read him in depth. Anyone know of any books in print?


Likoudis is a former Orthodox who converted to Catholicism during college I believe. One of his books is Ending the Byzantine-Greek Schism and other books are on Catholic-Orthodox differences, and another book on traditionalist Catholicism co-authored with Kenneth Whitehead is titled The Pope, The Council, and the Mass (originally 1981, updated and revised, 2006).

And he was on Journey Home at least once: James Likoudis MP3

Phil P


I find his approach to Orthodoxy to be unnecessarily jaundiced. I have not encountered anything particularly “refreshing” by him, but perhaps I have not been reading the right things.



Like in what way? You dont need to go into too much detail, Im just curious because I dont know much about him.


Lots of stuff on his page.


James Likoudis in my experience of having observed his witness on the web, he is distinguished by his Catholic conviction.

He is very deeply in the Lord. He is unquestionably ‘the big guns’ in the war against heresy, apostacy, error and attack against Christ’s Holy Church.

He is also a very keen advocate of closer ties and ecumenism between Orthodoxy and Catholic.

I have seen him engage such prolific anti-Catholic organisations such as LDS and Worlds Last Chance. He is very concise in his arguements, does not waste words and to the point in ‘taking out’ the opposition but in such a way that is respectful and mindful of their dignity.

I stand in awe at his great witness to the truth. He is a powerful ambassador for Christ and His Church: both Eastern and Latin Rites. :thumbsup:


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