James White and Co. blunder on Martin Luther farse


It is plain to see that White and Co. have been exposed as complete charlatans of the apologetics world, James Swan closes the thread on the Luther subject so they can no longer be held accountable for their haphazard positions they took on this Luther mess. I also noticed he removed my reply to James White on the thread below on his blog titled Catholic E-pologetic Methodology #3 where White attacked my character. Thats OK, I put a copy of it in my blog on the thread below, so all is not lost. The point is these guys are not honest people. They will do anything to win a debate, or to make someone else look bad. Yet White has made a huge mistake that no real apologetics scholar would do. He based an argument on his video on an event that did not happen yet, (the rehabilitation of Martin Luther by the Pope.) and the “event” has now been exposed as a false rumor. These guys are not worth the time to engage in serious dialog with. I thought it might have been fruitful to bring some evidence to show them the truth of the Catholic Church by real research and documented sources, but it is painfully evident that they are unwilling to be open in their dealings with the public.

To see this video of White’s on Luther you can go to aomin.org/aoblog/ and go down to his video Martin Luther ex-heretic. He may remove it before long. He begins the video with “it seems that this will happen” and then he launches into an attack on the Church and then mocks older Catholics, and then says that “he saw this coming” and continues on to assume that all of these Roman Catholic apologists will be left in some stupor that they will all have to apologize for. Then he tells us that the Roman Catholic Church is changing, and that Pope Benedict XVI is not consistent with prior Popes before him, and yet doesn’t give us one example of what he is talking about. I guess he is talking about the rehabilitation of Luther, which hasn’t happened! Is this what is the best the Reformed Protestants have to offer? Then White concludes his video with a little comment on how, when we as Catholics deny Sola Scriptura this is what we can expect. Who owes the apology here? One that bases an entire video off of a farce, or Dave Armstrong, Steve Ray, Art Sippo who at least bring some substance to the table? Once again the evidence is before all to see.:smiley:



I’ve known for a long time that James White and Co. has been nothing but a farse. I stay away from there, and don’t plan on going back. He claims to have “won” debates with Catholic apologetics, and he also claims that some catholics won’t debate him, claiming that they wouldn’t win anyway.

Not long after I entered the church (I think that’s the right way to put it) I found his site and got into a email debate with a man who claimed to be a former catholic. Some of his stuff was absurd. Like, he once told me that the word “protestant” meant “those who hold the truth.” Or something along that line.


I never really bothered to look into this recent Luther hype, but now that you mentioned it it appears to have been built purely on rumor. That is not only irresponsible journalism, but irresponsible blogging.

I read Swan’s blog on this issue and I was disappointed to see the quality of that article, it was founded upon rumor and fueled by misunderstanding of what excommunication is.
He and other Protestants are acting under the false assumption that excommunication means that LIVING person who is excommunicated somehow CANNOT repent and is damned to hell for sure. That is simply false, an excommunicated person can repent all the way up to their death bed, WHETHER they repented or not is not known.


If you like that blog, look at White’s video on his blog on Luther. It is very amusing.


We used to have a novena going on for James White. Thanks to him , however, we have 2 great debate of him vs. Patrick Madrid on Sola Scriptura and another where Jimmy Akin covers a whole bunch of topics. If you really listen to the arguments closely, it is a real eye-opener to how powerful are the Christ-lead teachings of the Catholic Church, and how frail are Her opponents’. :slight_smile:


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