James Wilburn Chauncey's "Eyewitness to Heaven"

I am currently reading this book, and trying to discern while I read it. The book has some very scary messages (the author is not catholic but protestant). I am hoping in a big way that this vision of his is false because he says there is a coming war that will basically devastate the entire world.

Some things that were red flags to me… he meets “twins,” sisters that died prior to his birth, and they were called “no-name twins”. Okaaayyyyy. I sort of envision that God has special names for us in heaven if we don’t use our parent given names. And another deceased relative that he met in heaven was a “templar mason” and we all know that Masonry is forbidden in the church.

I just was hoping to hear people’s thoughts.

It might be a good idea if you didn’t read books with a non-Catholic slant, especially those " end times " novels. There is plenty of good Catholic literature for young people. Check out EWTN, Religious Catelogue, Books or some Catholic publisher like Ignatious Press. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I appreciate your reply but isn’t it possible that the Lord “could” show a non-catholic a vision of the future?

No. God is Truth, he does not deceive, he does not lie and he does’nt play games or " write " novels. God is all about showing us the way to heaven. We are all about getting there. Exact knowledge about the " end times " is known only by the Father, it is not given to men to know this and it is spirituallly dangerous to even " theorize " about it. So pick good solid books to read for entertainment. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, you will learn a lot. :thumbsup:


Private revelations like these have to be understood in the light of our Faith. St Faustina’s Diary was suppressed for a few decades until it was allowed to be officially read again in 1978 when Cardinal Karol (the late Blessed Pope John Paul 2 ) requested the Office of the Propagation of the Faith to lift the ban. The rest is history. St Faustina in her Diary also prophesied that this ban and upliftment would happen…

My point is… even a great saint’s writings undergoe such scutiny and ban by the official Church Authority, an authority given her By Our Lord Himself. He allows all this in His Infinite Wisdom, He Himself submits His revelation to the Church’s powers of Binding and Loosing!!!.
Such humility…dont you think…the Holy Eucharist is such an awesome gift…such submission…I digress…
In this book, your sensus fidei “sense of faith” gave you red flags… you are quite knowledgeble of our Faith to have received these "red flags"from the Holy Spirit.

Every instrument of a private revelation will intrepret what is revealed from their own personal understanding or misunderstanding of Life thus far. So there surely is a mixture of Half Truths in all private revelations…however in the case of declared saints, the Church have scutinised their writings and found nothing against Faith and morals.
So do take a pinch of salt in your readings and dont expect them to be Gospel truth. You are right Freemasonry is not allowed to catholics…if this freemason is in heaven he must have surely have repented or lacking in knowledge of the evil in Freemason so was judged accordingly at his death." More is given, more is expected."

“No name twins”…Okayyyyyy! My own reaction…
Please excuse me, this table spoon of salt is quite difficult to swallow.

Br Linus2 has great advise, please do heed it especially abts good reading materials. When I was younger,…a few decades ago, I read chariots of the Gods, an out and out anti catholic viewpoint,…at a point when I was starting to learn more of the Faith, …it shook me up quite a bit…
My point, be grounded in your Faith, the Faith of our Fathers before venturing into such territory if at all (dont waste your time and dont put your faith to the test)
To lose the Faith is the most horrendous and saddest thing that could happen to anyone…To give up the Spring of Eternal Salvation for a brook of trikling muddy water …

End time prophesies…the hour we do not know…but the signs will be there… the Diary of St Faustina has a very telling prophesy abt one telling sign…the sign of the Cross will appear in the sky for a time for all to see before the End…read her book, it is very good theology …

God bless,

Yours in the Sacred Hearts
Kentcara2003 (3rd Order SSCC)

:thumbsup: I want to thank all my Catholic friends that have read my book “Eyewitness To Heaven”. More of my books have been purchased by Catholics than any other demonstrational group. Did you ever wonder why there are so many different church groups? When Jesus gave me that answer I was enveloped by a wonderful peace. Thank all that have taken the time to read all of the book and not just base your opinions on what you hear. James Wilburn Chauncey

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