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Jan Hus (aka John Hus) was condemed as a heretic at the council of constance and was burned at the stake. today many protestants revere Hus as a hero, and use his death as a means to slander the catholic church. What exactly did Hus teach that was so heretical? Some people today even catholics, want his charge of heresy over turned. What should we make of this?


Try this article. It is very interesting. I did not know all this about Jan Hus.


He was a verydangerous heretic, which is why he was put to death. He taught that if someone–cleric or state official–was in mortal sin, he had no more authority. This led to massive social chaos and anarchy as Hussites simply rejected any civil laws that were promulgated by men who they judged to be in mortal sin. Here are all his errors condemned by the Council of Constance:

piar.hu/councils/ecum16.htm Scroll down to: [Condemned articles of J. Hus]


So who actually executed him ? Was it the Church or was it the civil government ?


Today many protestants revere Hus as a hero.

Not only them protestants. It’s also a national holiday in the Czech Republic. July 6 - the day he was killed. Anyways, this has very little to do with the topic of this thread so I apologize. I just felt I should mention it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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