Janette Oke

Hello, Im a teen girl who is looking for some good fiction to read. Has anybody ever read any of Janette Oke’s books? Is there anything objectional in them? From the looks of them, they seem pretty tame.

Tame, indeed… and a little lame, too!

I read “A Gown of Spanish Lace” and it’s definitely brain candy. I’ve compared notes with friends who’ve read other of her books. Basically it’s the heroine who is a faithful Christian who meets a man who isn’t (both have usually been hurt in some way, her faith is challenged, the relationship is challenged, he comes to accept the Lord, they get back together, live happily ever after, amen!)

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Love Comes Softly” (and the two sequels), there you have it.

For my money, try reading Beverly Lewis’ series set in Amish country. Start with Abram’s Daughters (this is her most recent series and, IMHO, her best!) Or if you want something suspenseful, with a little romance and with a Catholic flavor, read Mary Higgins Clark’s suspense novels (avoid “Weep No More, My Lady” and “Stillwatch” which include inappropriate relationships.)


my school library was full of them. They are all exactly the same & really lame.
I reccomend Georgette Heyer.

Horsegirl15, I’ve published two novels for teens. Since you’ve asked, I hope no one minds if I tell you about them.

Do you like ice skating? My novels are about a fictional synchronized skating team in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The main character is a red-headed, teenaged “brain” named Karina Kowalski. Her father died of cancer when she was 13, and she and her pediatrician mother are very involved with the Jazzicals Synchronized Skating Teams at the Research Triangle Park outside of Raleigh. Their world is turn upside down when a handsome Worldpol Officer comes to Raleigh to investigate a kidnapping. He becomes Karina’s “sustitute father” or “sub-dad.” The question is, will he someday become her real dad?

Karina’s best friends are on team. Brit Mozzarelli is a vivacious teen actress. Emily Renee is the over-protected daughter of the pastor of the largest (Protestant) megachurch in Raleigh. Amity Wilson is the team captain, and her wealthy parents are descended from slaves. And Sarah Goldman is a Jew with parents who struggle to find the money to pay for Sarah’s skating.

The first novel is about how Karina’s Novice team (teenagers) uses the Internet and their skating program to help rescue a kidnapped woman.

In the second novel, Karina risks her life to track down a ghost in the Old State Capitol Building to restore an elderly night watchman’s honor. She also meets her first boyfriend.

Both of the novels have a God-centered universe where the characters actually talk about God, pray, and attend church. In the first novel, the kidnapping victim is a Catholic whose faith helps her to not give up hope.

The coach of the teams, Dr. Michaela Milani, is a devout Catholic. The second novel involves the Rosary as part of the mystery, and more Catholic characters are introduced, along with several Protestant characters.

The “religion” in the novels isn’t overt and preachy. It’s just part of life, just like in real-life, just like in your life. Most of my readers like this “God-centered” aspect of the novels.

Although the novels are part of a series, each one is a complete story.

Here is the website:


You can read on the website what other teenagers have to say about my novels.

I hope to publish the 3rd and 4th novels in the series this summer. The 3rd novel is based on the Holocaust. The skating team tries to stop racist hate crimes in their city.

In the 4th novel, the team helps solve a family portrait mystery during a Worlds competition in pre-Katrina New Orleans.

Have a good summer and I hope you’ll consider giving my novels a try!

mind you if your a “country gal” Horse girl, you may enjoy Janettes books, Im a prairie girl and did when I was younger. There was also northern series that took place in my province, so it was interesting to “know” where she was writing about.

And there is quite a bit of Historical Fiction in them so you get a feeling for what it was like back then. Its a quick way to pick up on other times.

ya know what, they read easy, read them and the rest suggested, read them all, why not? :shrug:

Well gee, I really like Janette Oke! :smiley:

Beverly Lewis is a good author too, as bluerose stated. Lori Wick is good too, as well as Francine Rivers

I really enjoyed then as a young teen. I can’t remember anything objectionable in them, not much in substance tho.

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