January 31st and I did yard work

I cut the grass and sprayed the clover because it was getting out of hand. It’s a cool beautiful sunny day. Hard to believe it’s January 31st.

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It’s 42 degrees here in PA, so not too bad. But no need for yard work because nothing grows. We haven’t had much snow this year, but the cold and short days depress me. We should be in Florida, but family concerns keep us here this year.

Hubby kept telling me your wasting money spraying the clover it’s gonna die when we get the “artic front” next week. Oh well. I will die hopefully from the artic front or the spray. The grass could have waited but the longer patches just looked tacky.


Praying for things to work out for the both of you.

Asking Sts. Joachim and Anne to intercede for y’all!

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I’ve been living in Europe for too long—read this and thought “wow, that’s hot*” :grinning:

*42°C = 108°F


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