Janusz Korwin-Mikke destroys a young leftist

What do you think about this politician? [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

I like the comeback that the purpose of life in not just to live, that there are worms at the bottom of the sea in the Mariana trench and they have lived for millions of years.

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You can like his fanpage here facebook.com/janusz.korwin.mikke

Has he ever made clear how he thinks the process of disenfranchising women should proceed?

Don’t know of the man and can’t read the Polish so it would have to be translated but I would like to hear more about him.

Poland has more of a catholic identity and hopefully, they will continue to maintain that identity.

Korwin-Mikke is very libertarian and isn’t afraid to say things which are controversial. That’s why I love him :stuck_out_tongue: He is straight to the point.

He doesn’t want to disenfranchise women. This sort of criticism comes from people who aren’t familiar with what he actually says. I challenge anyone to find me a video of him saying such a thing. He personally thinks women may be more suited to the home, but he certainly doesn’t want to force them to be there. They can do whatever they want as far as he is concerned.

Do I understand this wrong but you may be on dicey ground since you name the person? "CAF is banning all discussions of political candidates.

This ban includes posts that name a candidate, allude to a particular candidate, use euphemisms for a candidate, or refer to surrogates for a particular candidate. " Found this on a forum rules stickey

Well, that’s something of a challenge - come up with a video in a language that one finds utterly incomprehensible.

No, I’m afraid I’m stuck with translations of what he says and reports of his popularity/lack of popularity in English.

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