Japan battles worst measles outbreak in a decade


My goodness! Is YouTube now taking on the role of “Nanny state”? Where does it get off blocking information from anti-vax sites.

I’m not an anti-vaxer. Get my flu shot every year. But I’m also aware that I can get Guillan-Barre from the flu shot, and I ought to be able to get that information, and not necessarily from “YouTube approved” sources. I know a woman who has been approved for total disability by VA because of MS. Her MS, they concluded, was due to the massive number of vaccinations she got before going to Iraq. There are no few of those. Sometimes vaccinations can make your immune system go haywire, which is what MS is.

Vaccines are getting a bad rap. Children are definitely protected from the customary vaccinations against diptheria, whooping cough, measles, polio, mumps, chickenpox - when an unusual sickness occurs and is said to be caused by a vaccine - it should be investigated fully and the cause revealed to the public ASAP. Its possible the vaccine was not made correctly or the dosage was incorrect. I have missed it if this has been the actual practice to ensure serious reactions have occurred.

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Demonetization appears to be something that they do to keep the advertisers happy. When ever brands find their ads appear before certain videos they stop advertising (revenue lost) until they are assured their ads won’t show up before those videos. I don’t think they have the freedom to do nothing without it costing them money.

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