Japan Ends Americans’ Dominant Run in Softball


Japan Ends Americans’ Dominant Run in Softball

BEIJING — The United States had dominated softball throughout its four-Olympic run, all the way to the last game.

They had rolled through 22 consecutive opponents dating to 2000, outscored its 2008 Olympic opponents 57-2, and looked more than ready to complete their legacy of invincibility in the last game before softball took an indefinite absence from the Olympic program.

Then came Japan, twice a victim to the steamrolling Americans. And, somehow, out slipped the gold medal from the grasp of the Americans.
Japan beat the United States 3-1 to claim the gold medal on a cool and misty evening at Fengtai Softball Field, a result that put a stunning end to American Olympic dominance.

Kind of ironic. Supposedly the IOC got rid of softball precisely because they were sick of the US never losing.

I also heard that baseball was being removed from the Olympics – anybody know if that’s true?

Maybe the US women threw the game so that softball would come back in! :smiley:

I guess I am not surprise. The Japanese darn near won the first time. I know it is a hard lesson on the girls, but losing is a part of every game, and it is just a game. I am happy for the Japanese and very proud of the USA softball team.

No, the Japanese were close to winning the second game. The first game the US scored 4 in the first inning, and Japan never scored. The US is still dominant is softball. Everyone knows that we are the best team. We lost one game. It just happened to be the game that mattered. We previously beat that team twice in the same tournament. This is why I support championship games to be best of three series. This happens all too often. Baseball has already been removed. The baseball games this year are only exhibition games.

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