Japan Wins Women's World Cup!

Quite sad, but both teams played phenomenally! So proud of Team USA! :thumbsup:

If anyone had to beat the US, glad it was Japan. Maybe this year the World Cup was about more than soccer. As Ian (not sure of his last name) the British announcer with Julie Foudy put it, the ball had Japan’s name on it…

Did anyone else occasionally wonder if Japan had God on their side for this World Cup?

I am not sure if God had a hand in their victory, but Japan’s team played with unusual intensity throughout the World Cup. As much as I would have like the US women to have won, I went into the match today feeling satisfaction with whoever claimed the title.

Yes, I agree! We had tears at my house, but beforehand I had told my daughters either team winning would be great. Just hard to see our girls lose, though…

We really needed a bit of good news here. With all that has been happening recently, this really raised people’s spirits. We now have a typhoon bearing down…

Apparently the team, before tournament play began, had dedicated their appearance to the 25,000 people who died in the earthquake and tsunami. And before each match, the team would appear on the field carrying a thank you banner.

Yes, the kami were in full force.:smiley:

Omedetoo gozaimasu!

I wished the World Cup had been located in Cleveland:

Ohio gozaimasu!

So sorry to hear that! Prayers for all that are in the path of this storm!:gopray2:

Oh Blood and Water which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a Font of Mercy for us, I trust in You. Jesus I trust in You.

Not sure what kami & gozaimasu mean…:blush:

“Kami” is a Japanese word for “God”; and “Ohayoo gozaimasu” means “Good morning”. (“Ohayoo” sounds like “Ohio”.)


Very well done to both the Japanese and American teams, for contributing to an exciting cup final, enjoyed the world over.

Although the Americans will be gutted to lose, to reach a World Cup Final is a tremendous achievement, one that very few teams indeed manage to achieve. The Americans should be proud of what they achieved and for positively promoting both their nation and (the often maligned) women’s football.

A cup final is a one off game, a set piece that anyone could win or lose on the day. But to reach the final of a world tournament shows a consistent performance and so it is only fair that the Japanese and American teams are considered of equal talent.

Was an exciting game. the Japanese were technically better than us. we were bummed at the loss because one of the women on the team grew up locally and played for our local soccer club.

Have to say, I was rooting for Japan almost from the very beginning. Germany is usually my team (my mom is German), even over the USA. When Japan played Germany a few weeks back, I actually told my mom that I hoped Japan would win becaus they really deserved it.
I was so over joyed for their victory.

After Hurricane Katrina, when the New orleans Saints came home to the Dome and we played Atlanta- not even a championship game- That game meant everything to us. In a lot of ways it was as big as winning the Super Bowl. We idn’t just survive 4 quarters of football but we were reclaiming our lives our homes, and our spirits.

When I found out the U.S. was playing Japan- I was pulling for Japan., I couldn’t help but feel the people of Japan could use a boost in moral. Not just for “a game” but the important symbolism of perserverance, fortitude, and hope that a game can give,
I don’t think God was interfering in those penalty kicks any more than hHe was involved at the Super Dome. But I’m sure He inspired the creation of sports for occassions as these.

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