Japanese Bishops Response to Earlier Survey on Family Issues


This is an older article from February before the Synod occurred. It is in response to the original questionnaire sent out by the Vatican in preparation for the Synod.

In a sometimes pointed 15-page report issued in preparation for an October meeting of the world’s bishops, known as a synod, the Japanese state the church “often falls short” by “presenting a high threshold for entry and lacking hospitality and practical kindness.”

Stressing many times that Japanese Catholics represent only about 0.35 percent of the country’s population and that some 76 percent of those Catholics marry non-Catholics, the Japanese ask the global church to “go beyond” a series of norms and rules that separate Catholics from one another.

“It is necessary to go beyond merely saying to men and women who do not follow Church norms that they are separated from the community and actively provide them with opportunities to encounter the Christian community,” the Japanese state.

I thought their response was interesting because it comes from a completely non-western context where basic evangelization is at stake.

Before anyone gets offended here, I am in complete agreement with the Church’s teachings on marriage and human sexuality.

God bless,

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