Japanese boy, 7, found in an abandoned military base SIX DAYS after he was left alone in a bear-infested forest by his parents


Amazing! It was assumed the child was dead - at 7 years old. What a clever, self-sufficient, little boy. It will be interesting to see if his parents are charged.

A Japanese boy who miraculously survived six days alone in a bear-infested forest without food did not shed a tear when he was found and told his rescuer he was hungry before wolfing down rice balls and bread.

Yamato Tanooka, 7, was rushed to hospital suffering exhaustion and dehydration but otherwise apparently unharmed on Friday after he was found deep in woods on the northern island of Hokkaido.

He was discovered inside an old Self-Defense Forces training facility in the town of Shikabe about three miles from where he disappeared after a massive search involving hundreds of police, military and volunteers.

Last Saturday his parents made him get out of their car as punishment for misbehaving, leaving him behind in a wooded area. When they returned minutes later, he had disappeared. Police said they are considering filing neglect charges against them, according to Kyodo News.*


Little Hansel wandered around apparently alone in the deep dark woods, until he found a hut. The hut was owned by an old crone who, luckily, was away at the time checking out the first born of some of the locals…
He was found eventually by a kind woodcutter and returned to his family. His father, aware that he would never again throw stones at passing cars,welcomed him back a little remorseful that he had not taken him deeper into the forest.
They plan to bring his sister Gretel along next time to collect wood further into the forest.
And they all lived happily ever after as there were no gorillas in that particular wood.
Good parenting seems to be found in a happy medium between complete abandonment and allowing them to wander off…


I think he should be sent to live with another family.
His parents should be charged. The fact he didn’t cry suggests he has never been allowed to express his feelings.


I love happy endings. May God be praised for this miracle.



Different cultures, different customs. I’m sure the local officials who know the full story know what they need to do…


Thank goodness the boy was found and was safe.
The parents certainly could do with parenting classes.


I was very happy to hear this; I had assumed we would never see the boy alive again.


To be fair, Japanese culture isn’t very keen on expressing emotions, but in this extreme case… I’m fairly certain even the Japanese authorities are a little weary, hence investigating neglect charges. Sad part is, nothing might even come from it, since even if the kid was outright abused its hard to find proof, since neighbors aren’t going to likely help the police, or child protective services, since there’s a cultural mindset that believes its all family business, not state business.


神に感謝 !


Wow, that’s a fantastic article! Thanks Pepipop. :slight_smile: That kid sounds like a true survivor, and also very tough and very smart. I really liked all those photos, too, particularly the one showing Yamoto flashing the peace sign, and the aerial forrested one showing where he was dropped off, and then way in the distance where he was found.


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