Jason Bourne is Catholic

You gotta see the movie to find out why.:smiley:



I want to see Bourne Ultimatum. I kind of need to go back and watch the first 2 again, though. I only saw Bourne Identity, haven’t seen Supremacy. I wonder if they’re on tv anymore…I know Identity was on recently.

I found that interesting that he is Catholic.

I saw the movie this weekend, it was very fast-paced and engaging.:thumbsup:

I think I know the scene the OP is referring to, it’s in a flashback as Bourne is remembering his past. If you blink you miss it.

My husband noticed it to. It was in the file the Landey woman had.

My dd, the film major, didn’t like the choice of hand held camera for the movie. She said it was to shaky!! —KCT

Ah, I missed that, but I did catch it when he looks at his old dog tags from the Marines, I believe.

My husband just told me I was wrong about the file. It said that he was Catholic on his dog tags.

My father once said, of his WWII dog tags, that they indicated either that he was a Catholic with type A blood, or an Atheist with type C blood.


Amen to that, plus the fact that I got there late and had a front row seat…I actually felt a little sick to my stomach due to the constant motion.

They even gave dog tags to kids back in the dark ages. Okay, maybe not that long ago.

I had dog tags, they said Catholic and type A- blood.

And yes, I saw the dog tags in the movie and leaned over and whispered to my husband, “look, he’s Catholic.”

Why do the Dog Tags give your religion? So that they can get you a priest, rabbi, etc when you’re dying?


That is exactly the reason. For example, a protestant minister cannot administer Extreme Unction/Last Rites to a dying Catholic, and no Christian, Catholic or protestant wants a rabbi to tell them about what awaits them in the afterlife…

Well true. Since some Jewish rabbis don’t believe in the afterlife, and many believe that no one (or almost no one–they sometimes make an exception for Hitler!) goes to hell eternally. (I post this comment just in case you are under the erroneous impression that Jews believe that non-Jews go to hell.)



Some rabbis don’t belive in the afterlife? Then what do they think happens to people who die?

Robert Ludlum created one of my favorite fictional characters in Jason Bourne. The movies have been great. Thanks for the tip - I’ll watch for that scene :thumbsup:

Cool! I thought he was! Hubby and I enjoyed reading the Bourne Supremacy together. Nothing like the movie though. But that’s fine with me–two good stories for the price of one :smiley:

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