Jason Rezaian and three other US prisoners freed in Iran


Given all the furor raised over the Iran nuclear deal, this is indeed welcome news.

Kerry and Obama deserve a lot of credit for this.



We gave them $100b and the path to nuclear arms for this prisoner?

Did you also think the Berghdal exchange was shrewd?


I understand, that some liken this to a prisoner exchange and part of the deal initially reported was to end the investigation of the bombing massacre of the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the 1990s

This would make this a bad deal.

FARS reports that part of the deal includes US dropping charged against 14 Iranians for trying to transfer arms to Iran: Saeed Jamili, Jalal Salami, Matin Sadeqi, Alireza Moazzemi Goudarzi, Mohammad Abbas Mohammadi, Kourosh Taherkhani, Sajjad Farhadi, Seyed Ahmad Abtahi, Gholamreza Mahmoudi, Hamid Arabnejad, Ali Moattar, Mohammad Ali She’rbaf, Amin Ravan and Behrouz Dolatzadeh.

Dropping the charges, will apparently allow them to travel freely outside of Iran without fear of arrest via Interpol or setting off warning flags, according to a Politico report.

**FARS originally also reported that the US will also demand Interpol end its investigations of Iranian involvement in the bombing of the Jewish Center in Argentina, but that has subsequently been removed from their website.




4 Americans that did no wrong in exchange for 7 Iranians, some with possible terror connections without knowing all of the details here.



How did the US “gave” Iran $100 billion. It seems you want to sanction the country into penury.

I am not worried about the prospect of Iran possessing nuclear weapons; I am more worried about being mugged here.


This is very good news. I hope John Kerry wins the Nobel Peace Prize.


I really hope you’re joking.

And now the “deal”, in which terrorist Iran gains all, has been approved. First they captured and humiliated our soldiers before returning them without their electronics, now they are releasing our citizens from wrongful imprisonment, and the deal is now approved? Almost makes you wonder if this is an attempt by the president to put a positive spin on the deal and try to get us to forget everything they’ve done to us…

Rant over.


Why don’t you focus on the good things such as the sailors and hostages being released. Why worry about giving Iran too much concessions?


Iranians admitedly bombed the AMIA in a merciless terrorist attack in 1994. It was a car bomb .
Our new president declared unconstitutional a memorandum signed by our previous president and is now determined to judge the accused. Iran is not helping with their extradition.
The prosecutor who had the investigation in his hands and which involved an alleged coverup by our previous President , Cristina Kirchner , died of apparent suicide (which no one believes… ),the night before he was going to present his case and evidence.That was a year ago,Jan 18th.
All of the jewish community and certainly all of us by extension are hopeful that at long last there is a will to investigate to the last consequences.
I am not sure how Interpol is ,if it still is ,connected with this.
This is a sad ,long , sombre and painful case. Our deadliest terrorist attack in Argentine soil.
We hope Macri ,our new president has a strong hand against such levels of corruption. At long last…thanks God.


We have heard for months about what a rotten deal this was since we did not even bring back the 4 people being held in Iran as part of the negotiation. Now that the 4 are free, some are still not satisfied.


Some people do not see the big picture. Of course I am glad that those wrongly held in Iran are free, but at what price?


These are good things, but we have to be reasonable. Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. Is letting them start a nuclear program, inspect their own facilities and releasing billions of dollars to them in any way, shape or form “good”?


I would be willing to make a bet (on even money) that Iran would not acquire a nuclear weapon in the next ten years.

I do not see what is wrong with freeing Iran from the strictures of trade and restoring their assets.

I do not see Iran as sponsoring terrorism. The US sponsors terrorism, such as the Syrian rebels, the Contras, and the Mujahideen. Big deal.


Iran has had a peaceful nuclear program for years. Under the agreement, Iran is not allowed to inspect its own facilities. And the billions of dollars belong to Iran.

All these are of course good if they lead to averting a war. That is an eminently reasonable goal.


Any innocent released is a case to be grateful about. Always.
God will help us figure out the rest. Today those men have met their families. Praise God.




Wheels up and out of Iranian airspace! Jason, Yegi, and Mary aboard.


We didn’t give Iran $100 billion.

The billions that Iran is receiving was theirs to begin with and held by the US since 1979, when they took over the US Embassy in Tehran.

The agreement merely releases their money to them.



:thumbsup: this works out really well for Iran. bet they are patting themselves on the back over this.


plus interest!


Yeah, their money plus their interest, not ours. It was kept in their initial investments,


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