java mass?


my in laws go to a church where they have a starbucks INSIDE THE CHURCH BUILDING!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
i was wondering if it would cause any problems if i brought some coffee with me to mass whenever i get around to isiting a local parish?


Not if you drink it in the narthex, dispose of the cup properly, and do not receive Communion, because coffee breaks the Communion fast.

Inside the nave, it is highly disrespectful to eat or drink any food or drink other than that provided by the Lord: his own Body and Blood (exceptions for those who have medical necessity of course).


sometimes the cafes will but a sign saying “brewing STARBUCKS coffee” with the logo… but they’re not a ‘starbucks’ per se. they just grind the beans. its more like a coffee stand that brews the starbucks roast.
check into it, and most likely, this is the case.


Welcome to St. Starbucks.

With music provided by Al Hirt. (Actually he would have made a pretty good Church musician).


thanks to eeryone for the responses, but what is a nave, narthex and communion fast. isn’t communion eatting?


The narthex is the space between the outside doors and the inside doors – a vestibule. It is in the church building but not in the worship space.

The nave (which is Latin for ship) is the part of the worship space where the congregation sits.

The sanctuary is the place where the altar is located. It is separated from the nave by at least an architectural distinction, if not by a communion rail.

The Communion fast is the required one-hour abstinence from food and drink (water and medicine are allowed) required of the faithful before they receive the Body and Blood of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.

I take it you are not Catholic? Welcome aboard the Forums. :wave:

If you are not Catholic, you must not receive Communion in a Catholic Church because this is a sign of complete union with all the teachings of the Church – in fact, only Catholics in good standing (no irregular marriages, no one living in a sexual relationship with someone to whom they are not married, no one who openly dissents from Catholic teaching, no one who is aware of grave sin on his conscience who has not made a Sacramental Confession, no one who has broken the fast . . .). It’s not a “private club” thing, it is a way of keeping people from hurting themselves.

Communion is “eating” but it is not “dining” or “noshing.” This is the central and most Sacred way in which Christians respond to our Lord’s commandment to “eat his Body and drink his Blood.”

We take our Starbucks after Mass!


Is this like an actual Starbucks or is a group in the Parish serving Starbucks coffee?
Is it, like a sponsor? Not like a sporting event, right? Does the church get paid for having a Starbucks outlet there?

Our youth group sometimes sells Krispie Kremes to raise money. They have signs in the vestibule (no where near the main). Is it like that?


i haven’t attended my inlaws church since the starbucks went in. from what i understand it is an actual starbucks coffee shop. btw, it’s a charismatic church, not catholic


that explains it;)


I know one of our largest chains of coffee shops here in Sydney (and no, it’s NOT Starbucks :stuck_out_tongue: ) is owned or part-owned by one of the largest Evangelical churches in town.

Didn’t someone have something to say about the Temple becoming a den of thieves instead of a house of prayer? Wonder what he’d think … :whistle:


There is a protestant church of some sort south of Houston that advertises Starbucks and free wi-fi on their sign.




Praise the Lord and pass the beignets! Only problem I see here is the risk of mistaking caffeine for the Spirit. We live in wondrous times.



Hey I love my tall and skinny mocha latte as much as the next God-fearing Christian, just not in church … you’d think we could go at least one or two hours without needing caffeine directly before, after or during!


Kind of like Catholic parishes advertising bingo and “Vegas Nights”…


Our parish doesn’t need a Starbucks on parish property - we have one right across the street! Very busy after each Mass! (Our priests and deacons frequent the place regularly!)


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