JC Penney Ellen DeGeneres

Anyone have thoughts on the choice by JCP to have ED be their new spokesperson?
I like JCP, have shopped there for years, prices are reasonable for me, they have petite sizes that I can buy right off the rack and not have to alter, and it is close to my house. I don’t approve of her lifestyle, and don’t hate her or wish bad things for her…but I don’t think I can shop at a store that does support such morals/values/behavior. I feel like if I do shop there then I am saying I’m ok with it and I’ll support it. I’m not ok with it.

Don’t tell us, tell Penney’s. If you have one of their cards, cut it up and cancel the account.

Enough people thought Rosie O’Donnell was a poor choice for Kmart and she went away.people.com/people/article/0,616870,00.html

Gotta love the denials:

The News also quotes sources as saying that Rosie was fired by Kmart after its executives had grown tired of the negative publicity her gun stance is bringing them. Both Rosie and Kmart deny that claim.

She has a widely syndicated television talk show. I don’t know where you live, but there is a good chance that a local TV station broadcasts it in your area. Knowing that, would you refuse to watch all programming on that channel?

I have to agree with Bill O’Reilly on this one. She has a right to work. Simply being lesbian shouldn’t keep her from employment.

I feel the same. While my beliefs are totally in line with the Church’s teachings on homosexual acts, I really just don’t get all the drama over this. There are plenty of celebrities that endorse various stores and products who openly commit immoral acts, so why single out this one spokesperson?

Very well. Find a celebrity who lives a perfect life to be JC Penney’s spokesperson. I’m sure I can’t think of one. I don’t think Ellen is near the worst they could have gotten.

There are straight celebrities who live much more immoral lives than Ellen. I’m fine with JcP’s choice. I don’t consider myself high enough to judge someone I don’t know.

While I certainly don’t condone Ellen’s living a sexually-sinful lifestyle,
nor her stated belief that lesbians should be allowed to marry and adopt,
she is wrong,very,about this,
JC PENNEY could have done a LOT worse. We have celebrities who openly advocate abolishing the church!!! Would you have rather they chose Bill Maher or other open haters of christ???

I pray for Ellen’s repentance and full conversion because,despite her serious sins,
she is in many ways a pleasant, affable, lovable, funny and sweet character with a lot
of endearing traits. I pray for her repentance and conversion, but the woman NEEDS her employment too. Believe me, despite her lesbianism, Ellen is one of the LEAST OFFENSIVE of the Hollywood crowd that they could have chosen.
Rosie O’Donnell was and is a loud, obnoxious, annoying B****H, a total contrast to the often bubbly and affable personality of Ellen, and K-Mart was right to dump her.
Personally, I like Ellen, and I sincerely pray for her full repentance and re-conversion to the Catholic faith. Her personality is charming, and if she repented, she would make a very endearing spokeswoman for the Catholic faith. Let’s pray for her repentance.
And don’t stop shopping at Penney’s just because of Ellen, for pete’s sake.
Lauren Hutton repped my company and our commercials for several years, and this woman once advocated experimenting with LSD and other drugs back in the day.
She too, changed in some ways, and could be very affectionate and funny. I know, I met her a few times. Of course, **any company would do WELL **to choose a REAL sweetheart like actress/singer Maria Conchita Alonso, whom I also befriended back in the day, whom I still chat with on occasion, who is a genuinely sweet, kind, caring and funny (lord, can she EVER be funny) lady, even for being a member of the “Hollywood” crowd.

I like JCP. Great clothes at great prices.

VERY Well said. I agree! Gay Or Straight, she is still a human being that does good things. Just because she’s gay doesn’t mean she can’t sponsor a store. That’s just silly!

I don’t have a problem with Ellen as a spokesperson for Penney’s or makeup…nor do I think it is wrong for me to patronize a business that gives her a job as spokesperson. She’s not selling her personal life…she’s a celebrity speaking something good about a product/business.

If only people who weren’t in a state of some kind of sin were given work there would be a lot of job opportunities out there!!!

I don’t see this a big issue. Yes, she is a lesbian. She does not make a big deal out of it, unlike others. She is also a very nice and very generous person. When people see her, they don’t immediately think “lesbian lifestyle.”

She is very different from other spokespeople, such as Rosie O’Donnell. Rosie is extremely offputting an in your face about everything. I’d have a real problem with Rosie, but no Ellen.

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