Jeanne Guyon??

I own a couple of books by her including one on prayer and her autobiography. I am a bit puzzled that she is not referenced a tad more often by Roman Catholics. She is explicitly Catholic yet seems more favored by Protestant readers than Catholic. Is there a reason? From her autobiography I deduce she somehow generated a great deal of hostility in her lifetime. . I don’t spot any obvious heresies however. She seems to have been a pious ‘society woman’ who was too centered on her faith to trouble herself much with the catiness and personal politics of the French aristocracy of her day. Have I missed something about her? Thanks!

New Advent

[quote= Catholic Encyclopedia]She passed away at Blois, at the age of sixty-eight, protesting in her will that she died submissive to the Catholic Church, from which she had never had any intention of separating herself. Her doctrines, like her life, have nevertheless given rise to the widest divergences of opinion. Her published works (the “Moyen court” and the “Règles des assocées à l’Enfance de Jésus”) having been placed on the Index in 1688, and Fénelon’s “Maximes des saints” branded with the condemnation of both the pope and the bishops of France, the Church has thus plainly reprobated Madame Guyon’s doctrines, a reprobation which the extravagance of her language would in itself sufficiently justify. Her strange conduct brought upon her severe censures , in which she could see only manifestations of spite. Evidently, she too often fell short of due reserve and prudence; but after all that can be said in this sense, it must be acknowledged that her morality appears to have given no grounds for serious reproach.

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