Jeannie Gaffigan: My loved ones told me ‘real’ Catholics vote for Trump. Here’s my response

Great article by the Wife of Jim Gaffigan explaining very eloquently why she as a Catholic is NOT voting for Trump.

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I’ve explained to Jeannie, you certainly don’t have to vote for trump. You cannot vote for Biden. But Jim and Jeannie seem to have a lot of anger And hatred about this issue, which is not spiritually comparable with her faith.

I like Jim’s humor, but I am not sure why I should care about Jeannie’s opinion one way or the other when it comes to voting though. I don’t care what any celebrity thinks.


One of my Carholic neighbors (very involved in the Church and School) has been handing this article out.

And your question was my question…why should I give a rats :rat: butt what the wife of a C-list celebrity thinks?

And yes, I’ve picked up from time to time a sense that Jim and Jeannie are anxious to be Catholic (enough to get a Catholic fan base) but not too Catholic (because the liberals might frown).


Improved Voting Machine Will Ask If A Celebrity Told You To Vote So It Can Immediately Discard Your Ballot
I would prefer this not be satire.


Thank you. I know in an election year, everybody’s got a megaphone, but all I know about Jeannie Gaffigan is she’s some comedian’s wife. I don’t even care what her husband the well-known comedian thinks on this, much less what his unknown wife thinks.


You realize Trump is the biggest celebrity who became President correct? Sadly so many people DO reward him with blind loyalty.

And Biden openly supports abortion, in spite of claiming to be Catholic. Your point?


Another person trying to justify their support for the Biden by ignoring the rest of the Democratic anti-catholic platform. She is a never-trump so she ignores the euthanasia, SSM, contraception, etc

Wake up lady it isn’t just about abortion anymore. They don’t call themselves the party of the ”nones” for giggles

Republicans want to take care of the poor also but realize after decades of welfare America needs something different. The welfare marriage penalty has killed the family and will continue to do so.

However abortion will increase under Joe when he codifies it into law and starts paying for it. Wait, let’s be honest, when middle class Catholic’s start paying for it.


I read it.

I follow Jeannie Gaffigan, on Twitter not because she’s Jim’s wife.

She’s a brain tumor survivor, she had a tumor the size of a pear. Her recovery process was very similar to the recovery process that my son went through after his brain injury.

I do admire how Jim cared for her, and helped with her g-tube. My son had one for a while too.

They’ve also suffered through infant loss and camr through that together. Sadly losing a child is often the catalyst to divorce.

The article is basically a rehashing of the same topic thread we’ve had here since Trump became candidate a few years ago and more so now that the election is coming up.

I doubt that. Ronald Reagan was a much bigger celebrity; he had been a Hollywood movie star for 20+ years before entering politics. Trump was just some rich guy who was big in the 80s and made occasional appearances on reality TV basically being a rich guy.

My mother and I knew many older women who voted for Reagan largely because he had been one of their favorite movie stars.


I didn’t realize, but he was in 81 films/tv programs.

Every so often he’s on Turner Classic movies.

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“Kings Row” was his best movie IMHO.

I haven’t seen that. I’ll watch for it on TCM.

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