Jeb Bush: Many illegal immigrants come out of an ‘act of love’


[LEFT]Former Florida governor Jeb Bush said Sunday that many who illegally come to the United States do so out of an “act of love” for their families and should be treated differently than people who illegally cross U.S. borders or overstay visas.[/LEFT]


This sounds like an attempt to cover his keister politically,considering he is working both sides of the issue.:rolleyes:
Having said that I won’t vote for him,we need new blood in the Republican Party…


I like Jeb. (1) he’s Catholic. (2) he’s much different than his Brother (3) he’s married to a Hispanic (Cuban I think), so he might be able to pull the Hispanic vote.

However, we really need a Republican who can win and who is in line with Catholic teaching.


Jeb Bush does not need to be in politics at all. The probability that he was up to no good when his brother “won” the presidential election is all I need to realize he is as bad as they get. Yes he is trying to cover his keister, and in more ways that one.

The Bush family is known for wrong doing, including way back with the Tea Pot Dome Scandal. Folks need to wake up.


Oh please…:rolleyes:


Yes, we should all wake up to what happened nearly 100 years ago, while at the same time completely ignore that which is going on today.


I would certainly vote for him over Hillary Clinton. But I wouldn’t particularly care for him, nor do I think he can win the office.


I don’t think he can get the nomination, and for whoever wondered, his wife is Mexican.


Might I suggest that you do some research into the 2000 election with all its counts and recounts under the watchful eye of the press. You must not have all the facts to make a statement like that.


The counts were never finished because Bush cried about it so much the Supreme Court stopped the counting. It should have been completed, but was not. Had it been I am sure the results would have been different. Not to mention the ballots that never got turned in despite being sent in time, the unequal distribution of voting machines that penalized democratic sectors of many towns, and evidence of machine tampering?

Sure wish we could do that year over myself. The whole thing still smells if you ask me.


You must be getting your sources from a different place than I. I lived there at the time and the voting machines were in the precincts they had always been in. The results were turned in according to state law dispite the fact that the MSM called the election before the polls on the panhandle had closed. There was article after article of the recount and much TV publicity showing the media there as the counts were made. The SC did not stop the counting. And the ballots that did not get counted were those from the military. Just because you want it a different way does not make it so.


FYI,apparently you have forgotten this very important fact.After the initial count,Gore wanted to cherry pick the districts for the recount,incidentally,largely democrat districts.It was GW who called for a STATEWIDE recount.Even after all the hanging,dangling,pregnant chads,Gore still couldn’t prevail.So,having said that,you need to accept the fact that the 2000
election results were accurate,of course barring all the military votes that were not counted,which ,by and large went for Bush.:wink:


Yet Gore lost his Home State. If he had won his Home State then Florida becomes moot.


Ooops!! He will never get the nomination now!!! Oh well……



Wrong-doing is an understatement. If anyone is in doubt of this, do some research - you will be completely shocked.


It is not both sides of the issue. He is working one side of the issue, as did his brother who was thwarted by his fellow Republicans on immigration issues. The Republican party is as bad as the Democrats about insisting on a monolithic slate of opinions. Perhaps he is just more Catholic than he is Republican.

So we have Jeb, George W. and Rick Perry all breaking ranks with Republicans on immigration issues. What do these also have in common? They are Texans. Integrity matters more than party loyalties.


Ted Cruz responds to Jeb Bush’s remarks.


Governor Perry may believe that the children of non-citizens have a right to education but I wouldn’t go to far in saying he would support amnesty.

Nearly every country in the world controls their borders strongly, including Mexico from Central America, including Switzerland, including China, including Russia, Germany and so on.


He said the “L” word, in public, about some of the poorest of the poor who have broken the law…how does one send a keyboard handshake?

I don’t know if he would make a good president or not, but his having courage to use that word publicly in a political (or any) context sure makes me sit up and listen.


Ted Cruz built a straw man, to wit, “rule of law.” Of course following the law is important which is precisely why Jeb Bush was wanting a change in the law. By the way, in the article, Ted Cruz also wants immigration reform:

“Because they entrust themselves to transnational global criminal cartels who smuggle them in, who assault them, who leave them to die. This is not a humane system and we need to solve the problem.”
Cruz said in addition to securing the border, legal immigration needs to be improved and streamlined.

Furthermore, Jeb Bush seems to know the law better.

However, Cruz would not go as far as Bush, who said in an interview with Fox News that aired Sunday that illegal immigration is not a felony.

“Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony,” Bush said. “It’s an act of love, It’s an act of commitment to your family.”

Since the rule of law matters, it is important to know that Bush is legally correct on this.

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