Jeb Bush Suspends 2016 Presidential Campaign


Jeb Bush announced today that he is suspending his presidential campaign following a disappointing finish in the South Carolina primary.

Bush launched his presidential bid last June in a quest to become the third member of his family in the White House. But throughout his campaign he faced questions about how he was different from the two other presidents named Bush – his father and brother.

Former President George W. Bush made his first public campaign appearance for Bush in South Carolina on Monday.


Well, maybe President Trump will make him his VP.

He could make him fetch coffee all day, and then call him “low energy” in all his speeches.


I’m saddened. Jeb seemed like a decent, good man. I guess it’s true, nice guys finish last.



If I were Jeb I would decline.


He already said he would.


I am thrilled that JEB is out. The second to the last thing this country needed was another Bush in the white house


And that is what it is about really, the last name and not so much about Jeb himself.

He put up a good fight and there is no shame in that.

Sure, if “good fight” doesn’t mean good numbers, I know some people will point to that.


And the last thing this country needs?


This is an unexpected turn of events. Even though I was not planning to vote for Jeb (I like Cruz), I thought Jeb was going to stay in it for a long while. I wonder who is next? Ben Carson or John Kasich? The next debate will be very, very interesting. :slight_smile:


Jeb Bush’s super pac has spent over $20 million dollars attacking Rubio:

Plus for Rubio? Right to Rise is standing down – pummeled him w/negatives.
Negative for Rubio? Trump attacks are coming.


At least we won’t be talking about GW Bush and the Iraq war any more, I hope.


He was hopelessly hampered with having to defend his brother’s policies, which made it pretty much a lost cause from day one. I agree though, he does seem like a good man and I think the country would have been better off if he was president instead of his brother.


So, who is next to drop out? Predictions?


By Kasich in particular staying in, it is in turn probably helping Trump.


Bush’s voters might go to Kasich.


When Kasich’s campaign should end, I imagine his voters will likely go to Rubio. Ben Carson’s campaign will end soon as well, I believe. Carson’s voters will probably prefer Ted Cruz.

Trump, meanwhile, is still rising. Very interesting.


Kasich or Rubio, I would think…


I heard the family was gathering together so I kind of expected this. Jeb is a decent person. He was a target from Trump in the beginning. Maybe God has other plans for Jeb.


He never had a snowball’s chance down here of nomination, let alone election. His family name is poisoned, and will be for at least a generation.

One day folks will recognize in GWB a leader who got dealt a rotten hand of cards and played them the best he knew how. But that time is nowhere in sight.

It’s not fair, but when was that a real issue in our politics?




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