Jeb Versus Hillary In 2016?


God help us all.

Washington (CNN) – Yet another Bush family member is weighing in on whether or not former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will run for president in 2016.
“I think it’s more than likely that he’s giving this a serious thought in moving forward,” his eldest son, George P. Bush, told ABC on Sunday.
“If you had asked me a few years back, I would’ve said it was less likely,” said Bush, who himself is running for political office for the first time as Texas land commissioner.
“The family will be behind him 100% if he decides to do it.”
George P. Bush is the fourth member of his father’s immediate family to weigh in publicly on his dad’s potential candidacy. And while he says he thinks his father is “still assessing it,” other members of the family have not been shy about publicly pressuring Jeb Bush to consider a bid.
Earlier this month, his older brother, former President George W. Bush, told Fox News that he thinks “he (his brother) wants to be president.”
“He and I did have a conversation. I of course was pushing him to run for president. He of course was saying, ‘I haven’t made up my mind,’” Bush 43 said in the Fox News interview. “He’s seen his dad, he’s seen his brother. And so he’s a very thoughtful man and he’s – he’s weighing his options.”
In April, Jeb Bush’s younger brother Neil said their father, former president George H. W. Bush, also endorsed the idea.
“If you asked Dad the same question – ‘Should Jeb run?’ – he’d say yes,” Neil Bush said in an interview with CNN’s Gloria Borger. “Yeah, he would say yeah.”
But not every member of the Republican family is on board with another Bush running for a seat in the Oval Office.
Before the men in the family had begun floating the idea, former first lady Barbara Bush dismissed the notion, suggesting that her family has had its turn governing the country.
“I think this is a great American country, great country. And if we can’t find more than two or three families to run for high office, that’s silly, because there are great governors and great eligible people to run,” she said.
While the former first lady acknowledged that her son is undoubtedly qualified for the role, she did admit, “I hope he won’t.”
“I think he’ll get all my enemies (and) all his brother’s,” Barbara Bush told PBS in January. “And there are other families. I refuse to accept that this great country isn’t raising other wonderful people.”
Despite all of the public clamor surrounding Jeb Bush’s potential candidacy, his son Jeb Bush Jr. admitted that the question hasn’t surfaced during family gatherings, although the issue is "the 800-pound gorilla in the room.’’
"A lot of people are waiting to see what Dad does,’’ Bush said in an interview Thursday with The Wall Street Journal. “There’s a lot of pressure to run.”
Jeb Bush has not been shy about discussing the prospect of a campaign with some of the most important influencers in the hypothetical race.
Earlier this week, Bush was bombarded with questions about a possible run when he met with donors and business leaders in South Carolina, multiple sources at the meeting told CNN.
And while his early visit to a swing state is notable, his travel circuit around the country to raise money for GOP hopefuls in competitive races is also telling.
Last week, Bush stumped in Michigan for Terri Lynn Land, who faces a closely watched race against sitting Rep. Gary Peters. In September, he attended fund-raisers for struggling incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts in Kansas, gubernatorial hopeful Bruce Rauner in Illinois, and in Florida for Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.
This week, Bush will travel to Colorado – another swing state – to campaign for Senate hopeful Rep. Cory Gardner, who faces a tight contest with sitting Sen. Mark Udall.


I’m not too keen on Jeb Bush, but as between him and Hillary Clinton, he’s an easy choice.


That would be a guaranteed win for Hillary. :thumbsup:


I hate to say it, but + 1.

Name recognition in this instance would be name fatigue. And unlike the GWB years, the Clinton period is remembered with nostalgia.



TRUE, but thats a very BAD thing…uug republican or democrat? Devil or satan? If I have to deal with either anymore…but ts goig to be a republican. count on it.

Not cuz they are better, but cuz the nation has a republican who screws things up, a democrat gets elected, then he screws things even further so we elect a republican with hope and he ruins things beyond belief, so in hope of change we elect a democrat who screws the nation even more than before…so its the republican’s time to run us now, right?


Jeb’s his own man and deserves a chance to put his ideas out there, but it’s an uphill battle after his brother’s presidency.


Not so sure about Hillary. But I think the name “Bush” lost it’s magic with the American public long ago. Just the name will no longer assure the election of anyone now.

Being a Texan who grew up in the same home town with “W” and having familiarity with him as a neighbor and Texas Governor it lost it’s charm long ago.


That’s a good description of American politics.:thumbsup:


I think it is high time for a new cast of political charectors instead of recycling the same old names.


The liberal mainstream media will viciously slander the Republican candidate regardless of who it is. Therefore, Republicans should choose the one that is the most solidly conservative and not try to pander to the left. Jeb Bush isn’t my favorite possible Republican contender (Rick Perry is), but I would vote for Jeb Bush if he did end up being the GOP candidate for POTUS.


Please let it not come to be true!

It’s bad enough we’ll probably have to endure Hillary, but another Bush ?

Heaven forbid.



Hmm…the question is to be pro life and bomb other cities or to be peaceful and murder withj abortion? Hmm…how about third party??


Obama didn’t make the wars go away. How many wars came out of the so-called “Arab Spring”? And the global terrorism threat has gotten much worse.




True. And so if I were forced to choose between the two, I would vote republican in an instant. But just dont put all your faith in the republicans because they have their own issues.

But…doesnt every politician?


Exactly, in fact, Egypt had for the region, a fairly friendly ruler in Mubarak, but when CNN and others started showing Tahir Square in Cairo, the media made a big deal out of the protests and Arab springs, the US admin obliged saying Mubarak should step down, in came the Muslim Brotherhood and the largest populated Arab nation was now under radical Islamic rule; but when Iranians protested, we said nothing in support until it was too late. Also, unfortunately, in a situation hard to call, it appears we should not have sided with the Rebels in Libya, sure, Kaddaffi gave support to those who bombed the Lockerbie flight.

Egypt? Look at the Coptic Christians, we can’t believe all stories but undoubtedly, these our fellow Christians were persecuted thanks to the irresponsibility of the administration, the Egyptians were smart enough to throw out the tyrants of the Muslim Brotherhood and basically have a government that was like Mubarak’s before now. Order has been restored.

We abandoned Iraq and helped rebels in Syria, Assad’s government is undoubtedly tyrannical as well of course, and were supported by the Russians. So ISIS basically rose to power as a reaction against Assad whose forces shot protesters dead in the Arab Spring.

The media would like to see Jeb in there but I’m not sure he can get traction.

Despite the other thread speaking well of Jeb Bush, it seems some in the know find him culpable in the Terri Schiavo story. That was a big story per Terri Schiavo, I’m not real familiar with the details, it sounds like this could hurt Jeb Bush’s chances.


Wow, I don’t think we agree too often - this is quite an occasion!!



+1 to the agnostic. Hate to admit it, but “Bush” is almost as dirty a word as “Obama”.

For the love of your party, Jeb, DON’T RUN. GO AWAY. PLEASE.

And this is why I’m an independent. :thumbsup: Both parties have very,* very* bad parts to them.

Oh, would that, in the words of Peter Kreeft, we had a man running who had “the head of a conservative, and the heart of a liberal”! Would that we had a man even remotely catholic in his Catholicity!


Another Bush or another Clinton…if that’s the best this country can offer, or is willing to settle for, may God help us all!


True, but Obama is a more recent word, so I think people would be more inclined to the conservative at this point.

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