Jeff Epstein: Controlled breeding, genetics, and funding Harvard Scientists

There seems to be a lot of focus on Epstein and politicians, while Epstein’s connections with prominent scientists goes unnoticed. Epstein supported trans-human eugenics and wanted to impregnate women at his ranch. He was connected to many prominent scientists in the fields of molecular biology, embryology, genetics, neuroscience, physics, mathematics, and AI. Epstein was a very bizarre man whose behavior seemed to be greatly overlooked by those he influenced.

This article reports the Harvard connection.

Harvard biologist apologizes for meeting with Jeff Epstein after the 2008 conviction. Epstein provided unrestricted funding to this scientist’s lab from 2005 - 2007.

The link to the 2003 (very long, but informative) Vanity Fair article mentioned in the NBC News report listed above.

The Harvard Crimson article about Jeff Epstein’s “networking” with “leading intellectuals” from the university.

I find this news coverage to be very disturbing, to say the least. If Epstein got away with doing what he did to young girls right in front of people, it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to recruit unethical scientists and doctors to help him fulfill his cryonics and transhumanism plans.

Multi-million dollar donations go a long way when recruiting…


Strange that, unlike other American billionaires, he didn’t seem to be eager to finance the destabilisation of other countries.


Well we’ll give him a pass then. Golf clap to Epstein, the great philanthropist. A man who only sought to improve the world and whose only concern with foreign affairs was in financing the kidnapping and sexual slavery of young girls abroad to be brought to the US and abused for pleasure.


And that, they did!

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