Jeff Flake: Republicans must move beyond the cult of Trump’s personality


Good riddance. The man has no spine, IMO. Je hides behind niceties to mask his inability to work with his own party and actually display conservative values.


Jeff Flake is a voice of reason. Here’s hoping there are more Republicans like him!


If he is a voice of reason, why did he choose to not run again because the numbers showed he was unpopular and probably wouldn’t win. He wasn’t fooling anyone with his act.


I’m pretty sure the voice of reason is unpopular in American politics at this time.


I’m optimistic that Mitt Romney as senator might be very reasonable.


Right now, American voters don’t seem well persuaded by reason.


Jeff Flake needs to move beyond his lack of a spine.


On this point I have to agree,Take my home state of Colorado.The passion of identity politics ran amuck here considering all the leftist socialists that were voted in,no doubt by and large the college crowd😳


I suspect Flake is jealous because he has no personality to form a cult around.


I agree, based on the gains you guys made in the House.


@Jeanne_S Is Colorado considered a blue or red state? When I visited there a few summers ago it seemed very hipstery in Denver (yet still very Western in some sense). I wish I could live there!


It’s blue now It was solid red about thirty years ago started tuning purple over the years and here we are a blue wa e in the state😳
It is a beautiful place to live however🙂


I’ll say. Breathtaking.


Don’t know who ‘you guys’ are. I’m not a Democrat.


Great, me neither.


Who the heck is Jeff Flake?

Is he the guy who walked away?


There are a considerable number of people who have decided that they could serve the nation better from back home rather than in Washington as part of a Trump-lead government. Trump made reference to the large number of “retirements” in his news conference yesterday and the difficulty that presented his government. Do you seriously think that these people are going back home just to disappear? Think again.


I’d bet most of these people will be serving their own economic interests from an office on K Street.

I doubt any of them are going back “home”, unless home is an office on K Street and a multi-million dollar flat in the Watergate…


I am afraid Arizona will be not far behind


Jeff Flake is from Arizona. He joined John McCain and they both became anti-Trumpers after the election. Jeff Flake decided not to run for re-election when his polling numbers did not come back the way he wanted them.

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