Jeff Sessions endorses Donald Trump in major blow to Ted Cruz


Sen. Jeff Sessions, who led the fight against the 2013 Senate immigration bill, endorsed Donald Trump’s presidential bid Sunday, breaking his own precedent to boost the billionaire businessman just ahead of the biggest day on the election calendar.

The endorsement is a major blow to Sen. Ted Cruz, who has been arguing on the campaign trail that he stood with Mr. Sessions in fighting the 2013 bill. But on Sunday, Mr. Sessions said he’s putting his faith in Mr. Trump to be the candidate to finally get the immigration system fixed and to nix bad trade agreements.


Trump is not a conservative. Phyllis schlaffly endorses trump.
Trump is not a conservative. Sarah palin endorses trump.
Trump is not a conservative. Jerry Falwell endorses trump.
Trump is not a conservative. Chris Christie endorses trump.
Trump is not a conservative. Jeff sessions endorses trump.

Stupid emotional people vote trump.

Ehhhh, those who endorsed him are smart people.



Quite impressive of “The Donald” in getting some pretty big endorsements. While some people say endorsements do not affect the election, the last two endorsements seem to have been big.


Trump is not a conservative. Stylteralmaldo does not endorse Donald Trump.


Fair game. :slight_smile:


Senator has privately counseled Trump for months…


If it’s really that important this one ought to hold a lot of weight!
Dennis Rodman endorses Trump for president.

God Bless and Peace to all.


I’m curious as to your definition of “conservative.” Sarah Palin, Chris Christie and Jerry Falwell hardly fall on the left side of the political spectrum.


What has helped a lot so far I would say is Jerry falwell’s endorsement. Solid evangelical president of liberty university laid out a clear case for why evangelicals can feel good about voting trump. Trump has won over more evangelicals than cruz has.

Sessions will be another great one.


Phyllis Schlaffy? I haven’t heard anything about her in years.

OK, you made your point. Who do you think will endorse Trump next?


To call Sarah palin and Jerry Falwell left is like calling Hillary centrist.


Mike Huckabee


I think so too. Huckabee has been communicating a lot with Trump lately.


I don’t understand what you are getting at. What is your definition of “conservative?” Or are you saying that Palin and Falwell are not conservative?


I like Cruz’s tax plan and his vow to get rid of the IRS. I don’t like his foreign policy which involves carpetbombing.


Sorry I misread your sentence. These endorsements refute the idea that trump is a liberal. He doesn’t line up perfectly to tthe right on every issue, but he’s seen by these conservatives as a good leader for the country. That says a lot. As far the definition of conservatism goes, I know there are some core principles such as limited government but I also like trumps definition of conserving the country by building economic and military strength.


Trump is neither a social nor fiscal conservative. Those are the two descriptors (in that order) I use when defining one’s conservative credentials.


Steve Forbes in the 2000 Republican primary proposed a Flat tax similar to Senator Cruz He obviously did not win and withdrew early on in the primary season.

I agree, the simple post card for filing your taxes is a great idea, However, when you have 2- 3 million tax accountants and attorneys (likely republican voters) employed by corporate America, mid size businesses, and the wealthy and upper middle class citizens to obtain exemptions, why change the tax code. These folks likely will be out of work if the post card tax form is instituted. Their motto is - the more complicated the tax code the better.

Senator Cruz similarly will fall just as as Mr. Forbes did in 2000.

God Bless and Peace to all.


But has Trump ever declared himself to be “conservative” (whatever that actually means)? As far as I know, he isn’t even insistent upon being labeled a republican.

In my opinion, there hasn’t been a truly “conservative” candidate since George H.W. Bush. Bill Clinton’s presidency was more conservative than what we are seeing from the right today.


Certainly the right has become further right and the left further left. George H.W. Bush, even when he was President, was considered a moderate Republican; today he might be regarded as almost liberal. Bill Clinton was left of center in his day; today he might be called centrist or even right of center. I think Reagan was a true conservative.

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