Jeff Sessions: US culture 'less hospitable to people of faith'



It sure seems so to me.


Can’t we all just get along?


How do you define people of faith…even Catholics can’t agree on matters of faith…abortion…LGBT rIghts…SSM…contraception…etc…many if not a majority would probably vote in favor of those issues…same would possibly be true for Protestants…it’s not just US culture…it’s western culture in general…after all…for most people in the west life is pretty good…plenty of food on the table…a steady pay packet…all the material benefits society offers…a nice home…vehicle(s)…all the latest gadgets…affordable medical care…vacations…making the family unit the number priority in our lives …so who needs God when we’re living the life of riley…we did it without God…who cares if other people have different lifestyles…live and let live…so who of us feel that our culture is now less hospitable to faith…some of us might…I’d bet the majority of Christians would say their faith is more open to those issues and not as judgmental


Its not live and let live.

*Obama sued Little Sisters of the Poor…their faith be damned.
*State of Washington is forcing a Pharmacist who owns his own pharmacy to carry abortafacient drugs against his belief…his faith be damned
*I can remember at least two cases where firefighters were forced to be IN a gay price parade (not merely AT the parade, but IN the parade)…their faith be damned
*Cake Bakers are being sued for not wanting to use their artistic abilities to make special cakes for gay weddings…their faith be damned

Seems the judgmental ones are the folks expecting people of faith to violate their deeply held beliefs


And, I can just imagine, if the other party had won the Presidential election and appointed the Attorney General, the person they would have chosen would be a lot ‚Äúless hospitable to people of faith‚ÄĚ - they surely wouldn‚Äôt have sided with the cake baker.


Here is a link to Mr. Sessions remarks:

I wondered why the word ‚Äúculture‚ÄĚ was used in the headline because from the quotes in the media report it seemed to me that the AG‚Äôs concern was actually that government was ‚Äúless hospitable‚ÄĚ to religion.

Clearly over time government has become ‚Äúless hospitable‚ÄĚ to religion. For example, school prayer has been eliminated from public schools; local ‚Äúblue laws‚ÄĚ that mandated the closure of businesses on Sunday were found to be unconstitutional; religious symbols were removed from government property, etc.

Culture is something else. The applicable definition is: the customs, arts, social institutions, & achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group

Mr. Sessions did mix in cultural matters in his remarks:

“President Trump heard this concern.

‚Äú‚ĶIn substance, he said he respected people of faith & he promised to protect them in the free exercise of their faith. He declared we would say ‚ÄėMerry Christmas‚Äô again.‚ÄĚ

The headline brought this sort of issue to mind. My thought was that Christians are not so timid. I never quit saying ‚ÄúMerry Christmas.‚ÄĚ If a sales person said, ‚ÄĚHappy Holidays‚ÄĚ to me, I happily replied, ‚ÄúMerry Christmas‚ÄĚ because that is my faith & I enjoy expressing my faith.

I also recalled last Easter Sunday dinner that my husband & I spent with dear neighbors in NC where we have a second home. There were probably a dozen-plus people present, not one of which I had ever heard say a prayer - although most of them were aware that I am Catholic. I was somewhat distressed that we would be eating Easter dinner without saying Grace so as we were sitting down at two tables, I volunteered to say Grace. I may have seen some worried expressions, but I proceeded to sit down & say a short prayer. There was no subsequent social awkwardness at all. I was probably the only person who had been at all uncomfortable.

I have two points:

  1. It is appropriate, in my opinion, that government has become ‚Äúless hospitable‚ÄĚ towards religion - especially where religion is used as an excuse to be hateful towards people - but also in the institution of specific religious practice in government.

    I‚Äôm Catholic so I love religious statues. I have a nearly four-foot statue of the Blessed Virgin holding the Baby Jesus in my garden in NC. When the pastor‚Äôs wife from the First Baptist Church calls on me, she looks askance at my beloved statue. I imagine an ‚ÄúIdolatry‚ÄĚ thought balloon above her head. It would be fine with me if a similar statue were to be installed in the public library or if Catholic-esque statues were randomly placed around town, but I understand that others would object.

  2. We are in charge of our culture. We should be happy in our everyday expressions of faith with our friends and neighbors. If we value our culture, it is our responsibility to try to transmit it to our children. I say ‚Äútry‚ÄĚ because I admit that I have not been nearly as successful in that regard as I would like.


You mean less supportive. Schools do not lead prayers but students are free to pray in their own quietly. Businesses can choose to close on Sundays, such as Chic-Fil-A. Religious symbols is tricky cause that also implies symbols you dislike as well.

What we all need to work towards is figuring out the compromise of respecting each other’s beliefs in environments of divergent beliefs.


I thought ‚Äúhospitable‚ÄĚ was a good word, but I completely agree with you. I think that the government is just trying to maintain a separation between church and state - as it should.

The whole Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays issue is just the result of companies that sell consumer products trying to be respectful of customers who are not Christian. I think that is understandable, and it doesn’t make me feel any less respected or discourage me from saying Merry Christmas. Honestly, does anyone say Merry Christmas to their Jewish friends or to a man with a beard wearing a turban? It gets a lot more challenging to be considerate as the country becomes more diverse, but I like a challenge.


You’re telling me. Trump even has a Muslim ban.


Has he banned Muslims from entering the US?

There are 57 Muslim-majority nations. Trump put a temporary ban on people from 7 of those countries. Not an effective way to ‚Äúban Muslims.‚ÄĚ


No he doesn’t. But let’s give you a chance to prove it. Quote to us the words of the ban.


Lots of businesses are closed Saturday and Sunday.

Professional offices for example.


KR234 . . .

Trump even has a Muslim ban.

That’s a lie KR234.

I am not saying YOU are lying here. You may have swalllowed this from fake news sources peddling this lie.

But a lie it is.


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