Jeffrey Epstein had a painting of Bill Clinton wearing a blue DRESS and red heels and lounging in the Oval Office inside his Manhattan mansion - visitor reveals bizarre image inside pedophile's $56m lair

Why this fascination with Epsein? I’m not sure he is the best subject for a Catholic website, even if he is in the news.


IMO More of an obsession with the Clintons who have been out of office for some time.


Ssppph, miniscule calves.

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It certainly confirms Epstein’s weirdness. Or twisted humor. But other than that, :man_shrugging:

The source was quoted as saying " 'It was absolutely Bill Clinton. It was shocking - it was definitely a painting of him. It was a very provocative, sexual picture. "

I might have nightmares tonight after seeing that!! :unamused:

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We are Catholic. We are called to charity, not this way of reporting on a departed soul.

When did Bill Clinton die?


There’s nothing so far to suggest that Pres. Clinton posed for the painting. If and until there is, this reflects on Epstein’s proclivities more than Clinton’s.


And so the Clintons hate the portrait. They want it removed from the National Portrait Gallery.

I bet he hates Epstein’s version even more!!


Ehhhhh…Clinton was clearly liking younger girls in the 90’s Thus the mocking portrait of him in “ the blue dress”

The rabbit holes run very uncomfortably deep when it comes to Jeffrey Epstein. Not to mention those holes touch Democrat, Republican and royalty alike. Here’s another sobering take.

Devil with a blue dress blue dress blue dress
Devil with a blue dress on


It’s all deplorable, Just deplorable.

Dang. Just dang.
Snaps, stevegravy.

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