Jeffrey Epstein Lolita Express

Before the knives come out. This is not a partisan attack. Whomever Democrat or Republican are at fault, need to face the law. Period.

That said, I have come across news that Former President Clinton had much more to do with Epstein, than what was said. Makes me question a whole lot, since Weinstein was also very buddies with Clinton. There are also photos of the woman that was the recruiter for underage girls in Chelsea Clinton wedding, as I believe Harvey Weinstein was, but can be mistaken in the latter.

Some people have talked about President Trump, but the reports seem to be more business like. Who knows perhaps he was also in it. But I have read that President Trump has actually helped in the previous case, and even kicked Epstein from his golf club due to inappropriate behavior with an employee.

Edit: sorry if it does not make sense, it is hard to write with people talking

I would just hold off and wait till all the facts come out. There is a lot we don’t know about this case yet and I don’t think justice would be done if we jump to conclusions without further evidence. I think this is going to get a whole lot uglier as the investigations progress, but I also don’t think we should speculate just because the uber rich were pals with other uber rich persons.


I agree with you to an extent. I agree we need to hold off on any culpability, this are serious crimes and not to be taken lightly.

I guess my “beef” is that the news is not really covering this. This should be all over the news, investigation reporting and so on. Why is the media mostly silent?

My suspicion is they are not eager to dig to deeply or spend too much time given how close and frequent a relationship that scumbag had with Bill Clinton, who was a longtime standard bearer for the Democratic party. It is a bit uncomfortable to really spend time seriously digging. Now if there ends up being dirt on Bill, they will have no choice, but for now, best to avoid the story from their perspective, IMO.

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Who owns it? Who make up the majority of its high ranking management?

This assumes there are going to be investigations and they are going to be fair and thorough.

I hope this is the case. My personal opinion is that Trump through Barr will be the most active in seeing justice here and we will see lots of frenzied opposition and understand a little more about why some well connected people are so hostile to the Trump administration.

I think they have actually given it quite a bit of coverage. The fact is, there is an ongoing investigation and those performing the investigation would not be doing justice to anyone to leak information until they have a complete picture and are ready to move forward with prosecution.

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