Jehovah’s Witnesses literature declared extremist in Russia

MOSCOW, September 4 (RAPSI) – A court has ruled in favor of a lawsuit filed by the prosecutor’s office of Kurgan in the Urals to declare the Jehovah’s Witnesses book Keep Yourselves in God’s Love and the booklet Resist the Spirit of a Changing World extremist, the Kurgan prosecutor’s office said on its website on Friday.

The trial, which lasted over a year, including an analysis of these publications’ essence and linguistic and theological evaluations, concluded that the ideas advocated in these books are extremist because they incite the religious intolerance of non- Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I remember, they were very active in Primorsky krai, where I am originally from. They would sing their songs in the neighborhoods and distribute leaflets at central squares.

I hope they don’t look up “Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus”…

Of course, not, in Russia only “non-traditional” religions are sometimes persecuted. :smiley:

To be fair, Russia does not have a very high opinion of Catholics either.

Around 700000 to one million. I’m one of them.

On the one hand, Catholics in Russia have traditionally been viewed as “The Enemy”, the paradigmatic “evil”. This is not due to theology so much, as to the wish to be and look unique, different from Europe. Also to a large extent it was due to the absolutist propaganda of the monarchs since at least the 14th century. Moscow Principality was heavily influence by the Asiatic Golden Horde in its institutions and the system of government. Anti-Catholicism was a means to avoid influence of western concepts, like the rule of law, representation, etc.

On the other hand, ROC and conservatives in general now can see that Roman Catholicism is not very different from Orthodoxy by modern standards, having very similar theology and traditional morals. Catholicism is understandable to Russians, unlike the more modern sects, which look anarchic and uncontrollable.

I think the problem is the west has made a God out of democracy. Russia is trying to bring the historic christain faith to its people and keep heracy out. If you watch what they are doing the Russian government they are making the Orthodox Church the church of the state and only allowing for the Catholic Church or the Jewish faith. Wouldn’t our country be better with a Roman Catholic monarch and laws

Anything obligatory creates impression of burden. Any prohibition creates the “forbidden fruit” effect. No, it is not time for “state religions”.

IMO, Orthodoxy in Russia is mostly a cultural thing. average church attendance is extremely low. The average Russian can hardly be bothered to darken the door of their local church even once per month. But it is seen as an cultural identity.

Wouldn’t our country be better with a Roman Catholic monarch and laws


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