jehovah witness knocks at my door

Hi everyone!

I’m a catholic from Costa Rica, and I recently moved to Sweden.

The other day 2 girls rang on my doorbell and I opened the door.

They started talking to me and noticed my “not even close to normal” swedish so asked me where was I from, I said Costa Rica, and then one of the girls was from somewhere in South America and started speaking spanish to me.

We spoke about how recently I’ve moved here and how different things are here, etc. And then after a while she asked me if I knew who they were, I said no, and then she said: We are Jehovah Witnesses. Well now it was too late for using my “I don’t speak swedish” excuse, and it felt like it was also late for telling them respectfully to please go away because we don’t share the same faith.

Then she took one of those booklets they always carry around, it was in spanish. Luckly for me she wasn’t carrying her bible in spanish. After a while they left, telling me that maybe they could come back next week.

So now it’s next week. A girl rang on my doorbell and it was a different girl, from Finland which also spoke spanish!!! anyway she just gave me a letter from the other girl where she wrote that she is sick and that is why she can’t visit me.

Now, I know the easy thing is to just tell her to please not come back. The thing is that she was really nice while we spoke about non religious things, and I don’t really have a lot of friends in this new country. Also it was nice to have someone to talk to in spanish.

I would like to keep on talking to her but I don’t know what should I say to her. How should I tell her that I would like to keep in contact but that I’m not interested at all in her religion? Can Jehovah Witnesses even keep friends from other religions?

What do you think? :shrug:

Since they are there for the ministry they will try to snare you up with all the tricks they got, maybe be friendly but they will never be satisfied with your faith.

By the way, im from sweden too!

I would tell her that she can come back, if she will let you share your Catholic faith with her. That will probably get rid of them, and if not, maybe you can plant a seed. (Don’t try this if you are not strong in your own faith!)

I think you should be be honest, and politely say that you would like to make friends with her but you’re not interested in discussing her religion or becoming a Witness. Once you do that, they’re supposed to respect your wishes. (I’ve also heard that the Witnesses in Sweden/Norway are a little less aggressive about evangelising than in other places). I’m very sure Witnesses can have non-Witnesses friends–my family does–otherwise, how would they interact with the rest of the world?

The girls are probably not interested in being friends, but if you want to invite them to be friends, I would make it very clear that you do not intend to become a Jahovah’s Witness. If you don’t, it would be kind of like using their religion to take advantage of them. Most likely, if you tell them this, they won’t be back.

They are trained to be insistent, like temptation always is. Their entire faith is based on the personal opinion of one man - who did not even claim the status of a prophet. The faith is a house built on sand. The Jehovah’s Witness organization has produced many prophecies of the end of the world - each and every one false.


You would like to keep in contact, but hope that differences in faith would not prove prohibitive.

I think it is marvelous to develop friendship, whenever possible.

You are willing, but is she ?

You can only be accountable for your own intentions, not hers: hopefully, she is of the same desire for friendship, but if not, well, not much more can be said.

Deep abiding friendship can exist between two willing parties of widely differing convictions: the key is mutual willingness.

By all means reach out, and best wishes that it works out.


Regarding your last question: If they have any contact with you, it must be for the purpose of converting you. They will not accept anything from you - they have been “conditioned” not to. They have a one-way street as far as faith goes.


You say they have been “conditioned.”

And Catholics are not ?

You say they have a “one-way street,” as far as faith goes.

With your agreement of John 14:6, is your faith not also “one way?”

And how about John 8:7 ?


As to your out of context scripture quotes, I do not have a Jehovah’s Witnesses “New World Translation”, so I cannot comment.

If, for some reason, you are not a JW, do you know about the psychological (as opposed to spiritual) nature of their meetings? Are you aware of the shunning and threats of (and actual) loss of family and friends that occur routinely when attempting to leave the JWs? Are you aware that each Kingdom Hall must report monthly statistics to their headquarters about their progress? Are you aware that they have issued a litany of false prophecies? Are you aware that they have never issued a prophecy that has been true? Are you aware that the organization modified God’s word to support their fringe doctrines? Are you aware that the entire system is based on one unqualified man’s opinion of the bible? Are you aware that they are not Christian?

Christianity is a voluntary faith - both in association and disassociation. You like John? See John 6:66. The Jehovah’s witness organization is neither Christian nor voluntary. They rely on methods similar (if not identical) to those used in other organizations, to program individuals into group-think. And, we are not talking about the voluntary recitation of a creed. If what the JWs do is not programming, it is virtually indistinguishable from it.

Members of CAF are well aware of the misleading and subversive tactics used by JW moles who arrive here. Are you a Jehovah’s Witness?


Straight out of the Essential Catholic Survival Guide. I have my suspicions. They can be insidious.


I am not quoting the New World Translation, I am quoting you: so, you do not need one.

You say Jehovah Witnesses are “conditioned,” but you are not.

You say they have a “one-way” street faith, but you do not.

I see stone-throwing hypocrisy, based on the very Scripture quotes you think are out of context, but you do not.

Okay, it is clear me, what you do not.


N.B.: You do not have to be a Jew, to defend a Jew.

I enjoy visits from the JWs, but I always warn them they are unlikely to make much progress. Usually we discuss evolution.

“JW” means Jehovah’s Witness.

Simple one-word answers would have sufficed. I see none.

Apparently you missed the last question. It is perfectly fine if you are a Jehovah’s Witness. Just be honest with us.

and to this Bezant says ((((overkill)))) :blush:

There is no such thing as overkill in a situation such as this. The evil one(s) can state 99 truths in order to slip in the ONE LIE. We need to be wise but blunt & inform our brothers and sisters no matter how shocking the Non-Christian Man-Made American Sect material may turn out to be.

po18guy hits the nail square on the head. The path of spiritual & emotional CARNAGE this SECT has left in it’s 130+ years path is something else OTHER than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Charles Taze Russell died on a train dressed in his Halloween outfit - a roman toga made from a bed sheet - appropriately on Oct 31, 1916 - a delusional end to be sure. FUNNY how later on they buried him in Pennsylvania complete with a pyramidal headstone (2 tons???) & a rather large with a CROSS on it. But never mind you don’t find a pyramid let alone cross on any of their literature now. I do enjoy finding the occasional Christmas cards on the internet the Watchtower used to put out - they were rather lovely!

They won’t say much about Johannes Greber, Ex- Catholic priest turned spiritist cited by the Watchtower as a* translator*. Greber was “assisted” by spirits to help him translate the New Testament. (See The Watchtower, 15 February 1956, pages 110-110 as per Jason Everts Book “Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses” page 153, also page 30 on Russell)

I wonder if Russell STILL believes in the POWER of the PYRAMID *wherever he is * :whacky: OR now believes more so in the POWER of the CROSS?? :signofcross:

Bottom line: Do they deserve to be treated with respect? Absolutely. Yet, I tell each one who arrives at my door that they have been horribly mislead. As little as that is, it remains a charity that they will never hear if I turn them away without words.

However, when they covertly insinuate themselves into Christian groups with the intent of predatory conversion-making (their sole purpose), they will receive a different reception. As individuals, they have absolute human dignity. But, what they are spreading is spiritual cancer.

John 1:1 states in the New World Translation “and the word was a god.” However, WTBTS printed in 1981 the Stephen Byington translation of “The Bible in Living English” mostly because it say Jehovah but there is especially a couple major, glaring, big Problems:

#1 John 1:1 states in Byington’s translation page 1365 “…the Word was God.”
vs. New World “…and the Word was a god.”

#2 Another foul up: in the Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures 1969 edition says on page 467 of John 8:58: "Jesus said to them: “Most truly I say to you, Before Abraham came into existence, I have been.”- have been whaaaaat? silly, delusional, off-base, what? why throw stones at “I have been” :blush:

vs. Byington’ Living English page 1379 printed by the Watchtower John 8:58 "Jesus said to them “Verily, verily I tell you, before there was an Abraham I am.” NOW, I AM is something to throw stones at someone, don’t ya’ think?

Now a infinite difference between “I have been” and the great “I AM”.

Soooo you have “the Word was a god” versus “the Word was God” both coming from the Watchtower. Which Bible do you destroy? Both cannot be right? Both are printed by the Watchtower. This is scripture twisting at it’s worst. AND never underestimate the power of a SINGLE LETTER to completely throw off a scripture’s true meaning. :mad:

Whether Russell actually asked for a “Roman Toga” or not, I don’t know. Sturgeon reported that he was having difficulty understanding the words of Russell, and I believe that Sturgeon probably misunderstood Russell. From the context of what Sturgeon reported, Russell had already been similarly robed with “Pullman blankets” because he was so cold. Quoting from the Watch Tower, December 1, 1916, we read that Sturgeon stated:

We put five Pullman blankets upon him and tucked them in close on every side; but still he shook… Toward morning he had me make a robe for convenience sake by pinning a sheet inside of a blanket, wrapping him in it like a robe and fastening it under his chin… After several hours his robe proved to be rather inconvenient, because the sheet and blanket could not be kept together. It was then that he stood again and said, “Please make me a Roman toga.”

If Russell actually used these exact words, I don’t think he meant any symbolic significance to this; I believe he was simply asking for something more suitable that would keep him from being so cold.

Sturgeon continues:

I did not understand what he meant, but did not like to have him repeat, because he was so weak. His voice had become so weak that he had to repeat nearly everything he said.

Sturgeon at this point admits that Russell was having difficulty communicating. This is what leads me to believe that Sturgeon may have been misunderstanding what Russell was asking for. As a result, the Roman Toga story developed and, with the aid of those who wish to exalt Russell (especially Rutherford), the story became more embellished, and thus many Bible Students came up with all kinds of symbolism that became attached to what Russell supposedly asked for.

As Sturgeon reports, however, all Russell wanted was to be draped with two sheets, one in front and one in back, pinned together around the neck, to replace the blanket and sheet that could not be kept together. I cannot help but conclude that all Russell himself was asking for was something that would stay on him and that would help keep him from being cold! Even if Russell did use the words “Roman toga”, I do not believe Russell had any kind of symbolic meaning in mind; it seems to me that he was simply asking to be robed in such a way that would not keep falling off him, supplying some way to keep himself from being so cold.

Russell was buried several years before Rutherford’s pyramid monument. That monument was constructed in the middle of the plot owned by the WTS in the Rosemont Cemetery. Rutherford’s pyramid monument, however, is not a “headstone” for Russell. Russell’s headstone may be seen here:

But never mind you don’t find a pyramid let alone cross on any of their literature now.

Yes, Rutherford attributed all the measurements and passageways to Satan, in effect he was attributing Satan with having knowledge of many things revealed in the Bible before such was revealed in the Bible.

The Cross and Crown symbol lost its meaning for Rutherford’s organization when Rutherford began his campaign to gather into his new organization a class that he called the “Jehonadabs” (today called “the great crowd” of “other sheep”), who, according to his doctrine, were not even “spirit begotten”. These “Jehonadabs” were not to seek to sacrifice (represented by the cross) as did Jesus in order to gain the crown as depicted in that symbolism. I conclude that he came to realize that to continue the “Cross and Crown” symbolism would go against the direction he wanted his followers to take, so I reason that to justify dropping this symbolism, he adopted the teachings of some small groups who claimed that Jesus never died on a cross, and claimed that the cross symbol is a pagan idol. To me, whether Jesus died on a stake that had a crossbeam, or whether he died on a stake without a crossbeam, is not as important as recognizing that the symbolism represents his act of dying for our sins. – Galatians 6:14.

Russell never wrote anything at all about “the power of the pyramid”; he did write about the power of God represented by the cross, in that the “cross” represents the act that Christ died by which we are saved, and of God’s power in raising Jesus from the dead. – 1 Corinthians 1:18.
Links to Russell’s works related to 1 Corinthians 1:18.^1%20Corinthians^1^18

Russell himself, however, was never a member of the JW organization. Russell did not believe in such an organization, nor in the message preached by that organization. Joseph Rutherford formed the JW organization after Russell died, and projected that organization back into the days of Russell even though Russell plainly stated many times that he did not believe such an organization to be scriptural. By 1928, over 75% of the Bible Students movement had rejected Rutherford’s new organization. The Bible Students movement continued to exist separate from Rutherford’s new organization.

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