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Hello all,
I have a brother who was pulled into the JWs about 10 years ago. Our family was Lutheran. I have since become Catholic (a few years ago).

I am wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for books explaining how to respond to JWs. I have seen some short articles on CA and other places but I would like a good sized book that treates the issue fully. I will eventually (sometime in this year) probably be engaging him in discussion and I want to be prepaired for a long discussion.

Anyway. That’s the question.

A good, thorough, Catholic, apologetic treatment of JW religion.


I recently listened to a tape set by tim staples "How to be a True Witness for Jehovah"
It was a three tape set going over proving the Trinity to the JW’s. Only one problem, they have changed the wording in the bible in almost every passage where it would show the Divinity of Christ. Also there is the series of beginning apologetics books, with this book covering this topic: Beginning Apologetics 2: How to Answer Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons

I think you should search CA again as there is a group of articles on the JWs and run a search for JWs on their search engine. It will pull up everything including articles in “This Rock”. Also there are articles not directly related to JWs but will help you explain things like the Trinity. If you do a good search you will find enough to keep you busy for a while. Then you can do the same on the internet.

I strongly recommend Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses by Jason Evert (of Catholic Answers), available in the “shop” section of

Here’s a link to a related website:

Plus, you can Google “jehovah’s

Also go on to and order
Robert Bowman.
It is not a Catholic book, but it is excellent, and demonstrates how the Watchtower Society’s leaders deliberately misquote the early church fathers to make it appear that even THEY didn’t believe in the Deity of Christ.

God bless,
Jaypeeto3 (aka Jaypeeto4) and an ex-JW myself.

Greetings Mathias,

I’d like to recommend The King’s Highway by Ken Guindon. It is a conversion story. Ken was a JW for many, many years, became a Baptist minister and by God’s Grace, came home to the Church of Jesus Christ.

Sincerely in Christ,

Before you even begin to discuss anything with him, be sure you are both using the same Bible translation.
That means, do not use the jw new world translation. It is awful and written by the jws to support their own peculiar (and I’m being nice) beliefs.

An excellent book, and for me, a must have, which i do have, is Jason Evert’s book, Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses.

This is an excellent question Corrgc, but I’m afraid it may get overlooked in this thread. If you started a new thread, I am sure you’d get a good discussion going.

And new poster alpha - (welcome!) and please join in!


I ordered the Jason Evert book. I’ll give it a read and see how it helps. I was also thinking about looking for a book on the Arian heracy. It could be interesting to read the actual history (what we have of it anyway) of this heracy when it first cropped up.

I have free audio podcasts that you can download and listen to at the following link as well:

Jeff S.

An unfortunate problem has happened to a friend of mine.
His mom is dying. She is a life long devout Catholic. She has made her funeral plans with her priest. She has sworn my friend to handling her funeral as she requests.
He is a protestant. But he still maintains many Catholic views. And he honors her request and her faith.
But his brother is a Jehovah’s Witness. And he is not resigned to doing what their mother has requested. In fact he has stated he wants nothing to do with the funeral and will not attend if it is Catholic. And he will tell his family they also are not to participate.
I know what I did for my protestant father. I honored his wishes although they were not my choice as a Catholic.
What can be so wrong with a Catholic services that the brother refuses his mother’s wishes?

Hi slyboots,

I am not sure if the story “quoted” has been fully understood by you, as told to you by your friend.

My Mother died a few months ago at almost 92, she had been a Catholic all of her life. I have been a JW for about 35 years. My Father died about 4 years ago (a Protestant), and I have no Brothers or Sisters. My Mother had dementia for the last 4 years, and was in a nursing home.

This situation put me in the position of being responsible for my Mother, she a Catholic and me a JW.

JW’s do not (or should not and cannot) interfere with another persons religion.

When my Mother originally went into the nursing home a few years ago, I was asked about her religious needs, I told the administrator that she was a Catholic, and should have visits from the Catholic Clergy etc and should have communion etc. This however was for her, not me. As a JW, I had no right to interfere with her religion, although I wanted nothing to do with it myself personally.

A few months ago, my Mother was dying and was taken from the nursing home to the Hospital, and I arrived at the Hospital about 30 mins later. When it was established by the Doctor that she had about 24 hours to live, I phoned some of my Catholic relatives and told them of the situation. One of the relatives asked that my Mother have the “last rites”, so I asked the Hospital staff to find a RC Priest or a RC Hospital Chaplain for her as soon as possible. A lady RC Hospital Chaplain arrived within 30 mins, and my Mother had the “last rites”. However again this was for my Mother, not me. I stood outside my Mother’s room, whilst this was happening, and did not have anything to do with it myself.

In regards to my Mother funeral, I arranged a compromise. A lady from the local RC Church whom had been visiting my Mother at the nursing home every week for 4 years , arranged for Mass to be said at the local RC Church for her the morning of her funeral (I did not attend). The funeral itself was at a Funeral Parlor, and was conducted by a secular funeral celebrant (it was a non religious service). The funeral parlor service was excellent, and everyone was very happy with it. The RC lady who had been visiting my Mother every week was there, as were all of the Catholic, Protestant and non-religious relatives and friends.

After the funeral I wrote a letter of thankyou to the local RC Church, to be given to the RC lady whom had visited my Mother very week for 4 years. I had visted my Mother at the Nursing Home (for an hour or so) almost everyday for 4 years (I missed about 5 days in that time). JW’s must honor and look after their parents regardless of who they are, or what ever religion they are.

I sent my Mother’s ashes to her RC sister to bury them as according to any RC way she wished.

Anyway, that’s my story about a similar situation as you quoted slyboots. :slight_smile:

“LISTEN to your father who caused your birth, and do not despise your mother just because she has grown old,” counseled the wise man of long ago. (Proverbs 23:22)

God’s Word counsels: “Honor your father and your mother ... that it may go well with you and you may endure a long time on the earth”!—Ephesians 6:2,*3.

Servants of God have deep regard for their parents, even though these may have grown old. (Proverbs 23:22-24) They honor them. In doing so, they experience what the inspired proverb says: “Your father and your mother will rejoice, and she that gave birth to you will be joyful.” (Proverbs 23:25) And most of all, those who honor their elderly parents also please and honor Jehovah God.

God bless you Alpha for treating your Mother and her beliefs with such love and respect.

Jeff Schwehm

Alpha -

I second Jeff’s praise of your actions. God bless you for your respectful treatment of your mother and her beliefs.


I’m not sure if I’m getting the names exactly right, but for books on the Arianism try the following.
All have some chapters dealing with the heresy.

The Great Heresies, by Belloc

Triumph, by HW Crocker

The Founding of Christendom, by W. Carroll

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