Jehovah's Witness article on contraception


I had a visit from some Jehovah’s Witnesses today in which they gave me an article from their magazine “Awake” (similar to “The Watchtower”) about contraception. Some of this article talked about the Catholic position on contraception. Here is part of the article with which I had issue:

  "Catholic sources explain that it was in the second century C.E. that professed Christians first adopted a Stoic rule according to which the sole lawful purpose for marital intercourse was procreation. The reasoning behind this position was thus philosophical rather than Biblical. It was based, not on divine wisdom, but on human wisdom. This philosophy persisted down through the centuries and was elaborated on by various Catholic theologians. (Footnote: It was only in the 13th century that Gregory IX enacted what the *New Catholic Encyclopedia* calls "the first universal legislation by a pope against contraception.") The logical outgrowth ot this teaching, however, was the idea that sexual pleasure is in itself sinful and, consequently, that sexual relations that exclude the possibility of procreation are immoral. But this is not what Scripture teaches."

The article goes on, quoting Prov. 5:15 to show “the joy that can result from appropriate sexual intimacies between husband and wife.” It finishes by saying, “So if a couple should decide to exclude the possibility of a pregnancy by using some form of contraception, that is their choice to make, and no one should judge them. (Romans 14:4, 10-13)”

I know that sexual relations between man and wife are not evil (and Catholics have never taught otherwise); I guess what I’m wondering is if anyone has any sources that show the real Catholic position on this? Thank you all!


Pope John Paul’s Theology of the Body is getting a lot of press. Sexuality is a sacred trust. The body is made in the image and likeness of God. When God made man, He said, “It is very good.” Scripture states that 4 things are pleasing to God. One of these is conjugal love. If I had my Bible with me, I might be able to find the exact verse. I think it can be found in Proverbs. Also check the Catholic Cathecism under the Sacrament of Matrimony.
That which we hold precious we protect. If you own an expensive diamond necklace, would you wear it everyday or would you keep it in a special place to be worn on special occasions?


I’m having trouble finding those exact words in Romans 14. Can you post a link to the article or verify its accuracy. Romans 14 talks about judgement but no where do I see any speak of contraception or pregnancy.

If this religious group would put words into the mouth of Saint Paul to advance their own means what does it say about this group?


I think what they were trying to say in the article is that no one should judge someone else for contracepting (like you said, Romans 14 talks about judgement).


If the JW are reading Romans 14 as prohibiting judgement of others, then where do they get off “judging” the teaching of the Church as being incorrect? They should be more consistent.


As far as I know, the position of the catholic church
about the used of any form of contraception has not changed. A Catholic can not use any form of artificial contraceptives.


The idea that the Catholic Church gets its’ entire anti-contraceptive teachings from Stoic philosophy is absolutely BOGUS. The teaching starts right in Genisis with the sin of Onan.
Also inferred in the article is that there can be no truth in Stoicism. Natural law is from God and was partly known by many philosophers.


Great… now I’m wondering what DH (dear husband) is gonna come up with (he’s a JW). I hope he doesn’t read the article. Can you please tell me what issue of the Awake is? Month, day and year? That way I’ll see if DH has read it.

We are practicing NFP and he seemed to accept all the reasons of why it’s unbiblical to use contraception, now I’m going to have to see what I have to use so he doesn’t change his mind.

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