Jehovah's Witness couple has sextuplets in Canada!


Here is a link from Yahoo! News:

What are your thoughts on this?


:thumbsup: I pray that these six babies continue to grow and will soon be able to go home with their family and live as normal a life as possible, and I pray that God be with the parents.

As for them being Jehovah’s Witnesses, does that really matter as long as, of course, none of the children will require blood, they have six beautiful gifts from God and will face many challenges and will need many prayers and lots of support.

I am also sure that Canada has learned its lesson after the Dionne Quints nightmare.:eek:

Instead of focusing on the fact that they are Jehovah’s Witnesses, lets focus on the fact that they are the parents of SIX babies who love their children like all us parents do, reguardless of faith.


I find it very very very odd that the Religion of the parents was even mentioned? What relevance does the parents religion have to do with anything about the story? Its almost like the hospital spokesperson saying, " the children, whos parents have brown hair, are doing fine".



I didn’t see in the article where the parent’s religion was mentioned?

How do you know they are JW’s? :confused:

At any rate, may God bless those babies.


I think that in an earlier version of the article it mentioned that the parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses. I think that the article has been edited since I first saw it. Maybe you could search for more articles on the sextuplets, and it will mention the religion of the parents.


I think (maybe), the underlying interest in the jwism of the parents is that:

  1. If they DID use fertility drugs, that is probably a big no-no. Especially since the jws are constantly railing at their followers to not bring any children into this “end time” world.
  2. If those barely viable babies need blood transfusions for any reason, and they well may, they will not be permitted to receive one.
    Note: The article I read said both parents are jws.


It means as a family they’ll be able to pass out Watchtowers on both sides of the street at once.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :o




I suppose that it is possible that IVF was not used, and maybe even that no fertility drugs were used.

I believe that the Dionne quintuplets were conceived naturally.

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