Jehovah's Witness hymns


What sort of hymns do Jehovah’s Witnesses sing? Do they sing anything that Catholics or Protestants would know?


All I remember is myriads and myriads of brothers.
Thank goodness I can’t remember anything else.
I do know, that, being raised a lutheran, I never heard one single song that I recognized. They have their own songbook, which contains, if I’m not mistaken, all songs written by jws.
Somebody more recently involved with them will know for sure.


They actually have their own book of songs. They have a variety of songs to Jehoveh, about Armaggedon, about being good witnesses… things like that. Nothing close to what Catholics would sing or know.

I have a JW song book at home but it’s in Spanish, but they are all about witnessing to Jehovah and his kingdom.


I wonder if they change the lyrics of traditional hymns (like the LDS do) to conform them to their non-Trinitarian views?

For example, on one Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas CD I heard, the lyrics for “Holy, Holy, Holy” were change from:“God in three persons, blessed Trinity” to something that made it un-trinitarian.


They have written their own hymns, not changed any existing ones. They would never sing hymns written by those serving Satan. :rolleyes:

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