Jehovah's Witness knocks at my door

I called in sick to work this morning because I wasn’t feeling well. I was asleep on the couch in the living room and the doorbell rang. I sprung to the door not knowing who it could be. Low and behold, a fifty-something African American woman asked me if I would like some literature regarding “The Truth”. I immediately knew. I saw another woman passing the same thing out next door.

I was still half asleep not feeling well and really in no condition to engage in conversation, so I took her Watchtower pamphlet, said “Thank you”, and closed the door. JW’s haven’t come to my door in years. Based on what I know, these people are very persistent. Not sure if they’ll come back to my door for a follow up. I know a bit about the JW’s, their very bizarre beliefs, their denial of the Trinity, denial of the existence of hell, Charles Taze Russell, their New World Translation, and their litany of false prophecies.

Anyone else have any recent experiences with the JW’s? Think they’ll come back to my door since I really didn’t turn them away?

I’ve heard they get “points” for leaving a pamphlet with someone so perhaps and perhaps not. Maybe they will come back. I always go outside and talk to them and say I would like to share my beliefs first and then will listen to their beliefs. Normally they don’t have the time for that and if they do ask I start with John 6.

Just a thought,

Since you accepted the literature, they’ll probably come back for a follow-up.

Nothing to be afraid of.

If they do, you can have this printed out, ready for them. The apologetics people tell us to be nice, polite, respectful, including when addressing those of other faiths.

Haven’t had many of my own personal experiences, though.

I remember having these tracts, but lost my copies. Thanks for the link.

I just politely say; “Not interested, Thank you” & close my door.

We have some JW’s that come regularly. They have actually come for a few years now every so often. They are really nice people but they are persistant. I am sure they will be back knocking on your door.

My husband has a JW in his family and that is why he started talking to them, out of respect for his nephew. He has told them we are devout Catholics with no intention of changing. We have actually enjoyed speaking with them and they allow us to share our faith too. You never know how the Holy Spirit will work so I do take a small amount of time to talk to them when I actually answer the door. Most of the time I make my husband answer the door because he started it…lol. They are pleasant enough. I know many that are pushy but the ones that come to our door are quite nice and open to listening so…why not?

You can engage them or not. Just be polite and most of them just say have a nice day.

Good reply - be nice but stand strong in your faith.Nothing wrong in engaging them but we must be nice about it.I’ve seen people (Catholics) who were very mean and what good does that do?Always remember who we represent.

I had a couple this past summer that came to the door and wanted to know if I would like to join some kind of jamboree coming up soon. I politely, with a smile, said no thank you, I’m a Christian. :smiley:

This immediately began the dialog about whether Jesus is the Son of God or not. They maintain that it isn’t Scriptural that Jesus ever claimed to be the Son of God. I had to start quoting Scripture at that point, and suddenly she had to keep moving along. :smiley: Haven’t been back since.

my mom opened the door to one once and he hasn’t stopped coming back since.

sometimes he brings pamphlets, sometimes not. and most of the time, he isn’t even talking about religious things, just random small talk

what my parents really don’t like, and i don’t blame them, is that he’s always trying to look past the door in to our house and tries to ask really personal questions. my mom told him off once for it and he started coming less often.

as others have said, you can have some cahtolic materials to share with them. we must remember that they are also trying to find the truth, just like all of us. and yeah, don’t be mean or rude, just firm when needed

I give the JW and the Mormons both a Miraculous Medal and rosary (with explanatory pamphlets). The Mormons I offer a Coke, beer, or coffee, the JW I don’t bother to offer.

John 6 is an awesome place to start with them all.

I don’t mind the JWs (or the Mormons) calling at my door. I’ve found them to be decent people doing what their conscience calls them to do regarding spreading what they believe. I just tell them I’m a Catholic right at the start and we have an interesting discussion. I can’t but admire their zeal.

I follow my Evangelical friend’s example and keep a Bible right by the door in case they want to “chat”.

We lived right next door to a JW family for a number of years and they NEVER tried to proselytize us or our neighbors, perhaps because we live in a historically Catholic neighborhood with lots of Mary statues to tip them off.

That is quite rude. Let’s hope they have found some Catholics with peace, love, and kindness in their hearts.

In my experience, the JWs have quieted down a bit in person. They seem to mostly be interested in just getting their pamphlet-dropping duties out of the way without much interaction.

Seems to me they used to be more focused on personal interaction in the old days, but with more people able to refute them, the newer ones like to lay low a little bit. The ones looking to do some conversion usually focus on the internet nowadays-- and run when refuted, only to pop up with the same stuff at another time.

Tons of stuff out there to use, but here’s a couple:

As a former Mormon, I get a tremendous kick out of offering them such libations. If they choose not to imbibe, certainly they can have water.

If you think that’s rude, you should read about how Mormon’s think our Blessed Mother became pregnant with the Son of God. Now that is rude.

I used to be a companion to a 90+ year old lady who loved her JW friends, and anyone who wanted to pop in to visit. Since I was the one letting them in the house, I would always say, “Please do, come in and visit with Mrs. L and me. BUT you must leave your missionary work at the door.” Most of the JWs really respected that and we had many long friendly visits. However, there was one who just couldn’t help herself… and it turns out, she was an ex-catholic who wa unbelievably poorly catechised. Just shockingly so.


Where I live now the JWs have usually been from birth. In the area where I was born they were often disgruntled Catholics.

I don’t find that rude at all; please stick to the topic and not the poster’s perceived lack of peace, love and kindness in their heart.

Judge not.

Being an ex-Mormon doesn’t give you a free pass to be rude to people whom you should be converting out of love. And their mistaken theology doesn’t give you that free pass either.

If you are getting “a tremendous kick out of” insulting people, perhaps it is time to reconsider your walk with our Lord.

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