Jehovah's Witness Skinny

What’s the skinny on these people?

You must have a reason for asking. Could you give us more background?

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Where 's the expert on jw?

Skinny please.

That’s a very vague question. Any specific questions? Are you just looking for a brief summary of their religion?

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Brief Summary. Yes.

From someone who knows; not Wikipedia.

Now, when you say skinny…?


What’s the low down?

Skinny? what is this?

There is this tract from Catholic Answers:

Some history:


You’re asking questions like Disco Bot…be specific…a cursory search of Google will answer most your questions.


Why would you think that there is “skinny”? Their beliefs, doctrines, practices are well presented:

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Are you asking us to do your research for you or are you asking us formulate your opinion of them for you? Sorry if I’m misinterpreting but I’m just not getting the flippancy.

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I can tell you that in the UK at any rate they are currently involved in a massive scandal around child sexual abuse within the Witnesses. It’s both the scale of the abuse that has taken place and the absolutely appalling way in which they have dealt with it, which essentially seems to have involved keeping everything within the very closed world of their religion, avoiding involving secular authorities, and blaming, humiliating, and punishing victims while generally taking little or no action against perpetrators.

Good article here:

They also go in for breaking up families in a big way:

This brilliant film focused on their famous prohibition against patients being treated with human blood:

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Jenny Craig…


They are anti-Catholic and don’t celebrate birthdays, religious holidays, etc.
They don’t vote and I don’t believe they fight in wars. They do not receive
blood during surgery unless it is their own they donated earlier.
Adam and Jesus are seen as equals.

Not all Jehovas Witnesses are skinny


For all practical purposes they’re just another offspring of the Reformation, especially centering on the bible alone for their beliefs. Their founder, Charles Taze Russell, was an avid 19th century bible student. They’re a good example, in fact, of just how far people can stray from the truth going by Scripture alone. They deny the deity of Jesus, have predicted the end of the world several times and have many unique doctrines. They’re quite exclusivistic in their beliefs, considering “Christendom” to be full of error. Other than that most, not all, of those I’ve met have been good hard-working and sincere people, with strong family ties.

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We just had a conference here for Jehovah Witnesses. There were over 40,000
who attended.

I must be getting old. To me skinny means that somebody is thin. But there is obviously a newer meaning which I just don’t know. Could you please explain what you mean by ‘skinny’ here?


Coolness, attraction. Because everyone wants to be skinny, right? So when you say “what’s the skinny on X?” you mean to ask "what is the attraction of X?’

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