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Some people have asked why it is that I am not debating and discussing. The reason is because I would be here for months arguing with people. Its not my inention to argue with anyone, and naturally I don’t have that much time.

So here are my viewpoints, and if you wish to agree, then that is fine, and if you disagree, that is also fine, and you have the right to decide either way.

I have 8 videos at this address:

The only reason that they are there is to provide some information and thoughts to consider. If you are a thinking person, then the facts presented might cause you to re-think and want to see what the Bible really teaches.

Here are a few facts about your church (and I am not critising you as an individual) and its not only the Catholic chruch, but if fact mostly all of them are guilty of these things. I WAS a Catholic and I feel that I have the right to give my reasons aobut WHY I left them.

  1. Over the past 2,000 years, hundreds of millions of catholics have gone to war and butchered and murdered fellow catholics of other nations, and this they profess to do in God’s name. Look in this century. Belfast with Catholics killing Protestants and visa versa. Not only that, when wars take place, catholics GO TO WAR, and its a true fact that these people are murdering their own people, and their fellow believers. You call this “Christian” behaviour? So in other words, not only are catholics killing people of other religions, such as protestants, but they are also killing their own folks.

  2. Jesus Christ did not preach war, and his followers did not go to war. The only time his followers (Peter) drew his sword, and it was wrong, and Jesus corrected him for his mistake. Look at the history of the early christians, and WHERE IN THE BIBLE does it say that its ok for a Christian to go and kill a fellow professed Christian in a war situation? The Bible does not say that its ok, and Jesus Christ did not support this kind of violence. JESUS CHRIST WAS ANTI-WAR.

  3. Your church will then turn around and try to pray to God (priests on both sides pray to the same God) and aksing for his blessing. What is Jehovah God supposed to do? Take sides? Allow his professed followers in one country to gain a victory over another country and give his blessing for this? This is a disgrace before God Almighty. He would NEVER agree to allow his own people to kill their own with his blessing. In face, Jesus said “By this all will know you are my disciples, by the LOVE you have amongst yourselves.”

  4. Jesus Christ was also non political. He fled to the mountains when they tried to make him a King. He said: “My kingodm is no part of this world.” The Lord’s Prayer says: “Thy Kingdom Come.” We are supposed to be praying to Jehovah God (that is his name) for his Kingdom to come. Jesus Christ did not support ANY of the political solutions in his day. Thats a fact. What about the Catholic church? They are deeply involved in politics, and have always done so. In fact, the book of Revelation speaks about False Religion being a “harlot” that has been riding on the backs of the Kings of the Earth, and they will turn on the harlot, and completely burn her with fire. Read Revelation chapter 18: Babylong the Great is the entire world empire of False Religion. Anyone that is honest hearted can see with their own eyes that False Religion needs to be destroyed because of its involvement with politics and wars

  5. Sexual Immorality is rampart worldwide, and the Catholic church does nothing to stop it from happening amongs its members. The Bible says “Remove the wicked man from anong yourselves” We as JW’s do that properly. Naturally we HELP people that have made a mistake, and show willingness to adjust and change, but persons that ON PURPOSE and DELIBERATELY go against their own PUBLIC DEDICATION and BAPTISM can’t profess to bear the name of Jehovah God and claim to be a part of his Organisation. We try to follow the Bible properly. Yet in most of the churches, they ahve thrown away the Bible, and homosexual priests, and lesbians are tolerated and nothing is done to remove them when and if they are unwilling to change. Hundreds of millions of catholics just live together in sin, without being married, and they say: “We are catholics” We know this to be true, we knock on their doors, and they tell us what religion they are, and right across the world, we get into converstations with people who tell us all about themselves. So it is a FACT that this is going on, all over the world. This was another reason why I left the Catholic Church because they tolerate sexual immorality and do nothing about it. Jehovah’s Witnesses on the other hand live by the Bible standards to the best of their ability, and take action aainst those that give them (and JEHOVAH) a bad name.

There is a ton of reasons why I am no longer Catholic, but if you are an honest hearted person, they please don’t take offense at my word, but rather think about them, and if you see that they are right, then I warmly enourage you to contact Jehovah’s Witnessess in your area, and start a free home bible study.

List for my JW mom on non trinity "christian" faiths

Big deal. Jehovah’s Witnesses supported the Nazis.


Now I’ll give you something to think about.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
The Greek word used in this case for “word” is the same as the Greek word for “reason”. God is reasonable, according to the apostle John. If God is reasonable, then surely we can discover some facts about him through rational debate? Those who are afraid to put their beliefs to the test are clinging to an ideology that they fear will not stand up to reality.


Another post and run. only want to state your views and leave.
Those videos you present are propaganda. Why would any member here want to view it? I think your only here to tell others to go see your videos. Its called advertising my friend.

Its up to the mods here to decide whether to allow your advertising or not. i suppose it could be alowed because its not business. But, in a way it is. Its like advertising for false religion.

Again, your belief is not the true religion. If it was, then there would be no false predictions. exct exct exct. i encourage you friend, to contact your nearest priest for a free study of the Catechism.

Tell me, what does Dueteronomy 18:22 state? please, from your own bible, tell us what it says.

Keep in mind as you read it, that the society you serve proclaims to speak for God, and that is false. a society that claims to speak for God and makes false prophecies has no right to claim they do. There is NO untruth with God.


Look like you (JW) are still sore about the past mistakes of people who happened to be Catholics. That still doesn’t make the church wrong.

I know you will not response but I still insist: what does JW have to offer that Catholicism does not have?




umm let’s see… they want to offer you true everlasting life on paradise earth. oh yes, no blood, indoctrination… no independent thinking… bowing to the society’s whims… not allowed to freely associate with family or friends who have a viewpoint on the society… they want to offer you false predictions… a questionable history of their belief… they want to offer you a belief that has not been handed down from Christ… they want to offer you a belief that has no traditions…
they want to offer you an altered bible to suit their beliefs…
they want to tell you to believe that God’s name is jehovah when in fact it is not… they want to offer you the belief that Christ has no divine nature… they want to tell you that He is not God, and that He was not raised bodily from the dead…
they want to tell you He is Micheal the Archangel… ( angels cannot forgive sins, and angels cannot raise the dead or rebuke the devil ) they want you to believe that their belief is the only real way to salvation. wrong wrong wrong. they have nothing we have.

They do not have the truth, they do not have a belief handed down by Christ Himself, they do not have Apostolic Succession… they do have lies, false prophecies, indoctrination, they have the Armageddon Syndrome, they have brainwashing, they have emotional blackmail… do this or else you will be damned for all eternity… yes the threats are there. don’t question the society or else!!! read ANY material that questions the society and you are DAMNED for all eternity! in fact, your an apostate!!! you’ve just guarenteed yourself eternal damnation for speaking out against God’s organization! ( whatever ) that is what they have that we don’t.

As far as Iam concerned, they are welcome to it. If you want the truth and want to be set free, contact your nearest priest today!


Ohhhhhh I get it

Let people invade our country and take it over, and let’s sit back and let them because we only follow the Bible. And let’s snoop on people and see if they are wearing wedding rings in bed, and if not we will tell them to leave our group, because we want our group to look the best, even though we now speak another language as our country was taken over, and our democratic freedom has been abolished because the country that invaded is communist, so now we have no rights, no freedom of speech that allows us to post anything anywhere on the internet, no say in anything, we must just follow orders, but we look OK because we have got rid of all those filthy sinners who engage in pre-marital sex or adultery.

Or we could be like those Catholics, who engage in war in the name of defending human rights and democratic freedom, and who welcome anybody into their group, even sinners, as they know God forgives all. We could be Catholic and try and follow the Bible the best we can, with the sin we carry, and the Holy Spirit guiding us, and knowing our church was founded by Jesus.

Yes, Thanks jwtruth, I dont know how I was ever so wrong. :smiley:


Er, thanks but no, thank you very much.:slight_smile:

It beats me why he left the CC.


Oh, and get this! Here is a serious sin! They lie about the Holy Ghost too! They state that the Holy Ghost is only God’s “impersonal active force” errr yeah… whatever.

The Holy Ghost is the 3rd Person of the Blessed Trinity, and the Holy Ghost does think and feel and talk, so HOW can the Holy Ghost be God’s “impersonal” active force?

duh… makes no sense at all. it makes me think that in so saying this, they blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, and when they blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, there is no
forgiveness. The Bible even states that fact.


Hey, thanks for the info. Honestly, I don’t get into JW theology much. A couple of them came at my gate one time. I let them in, offered them a cuppa and had no idea who they were. I thought they were sale people selling religous books. Even when they left they didn’t mention that they were JW. They started pointing to me verse after verse from the Bible without me catching my breath to rebutt nor explain. A week later another couple dropped in by; the last time I was left hanged and dry and this time I was ready for them. We argued up a bit and surprisingly after they left, none came ever since.:confused:

God bless.


Sounds like he may have never been in the CC to begin with. If so, he was incredibly poorly taught about the faith and/or never bothered to learn much about it himself.


First of all, anything I post I hope you don’t take personally. I’m sure that you are a well meaning person with a good heart.

Since you are not going to have any honest discussion and exchange of ideas, there’s no point in me replying back to your points and problems with the church. But I still question, why you keep coming back here acting only as a troll. If there were anyone here that you just might be able to convince you had the right religion, you’ve blown that opportunity because of your inability to defend your reasons.

You COULD be a model for those here that seek a understanding of JW beliefs. There are all types of religious denominations that post here - atheists, mormans, SDA, Jews, etc, etc, etc - and alot of those people are respected because they can stand up for their beliefs whether or not the majority agrees with them or disagrees. Now I can’t guarantee that there are also people here that wouldn’t respect your viewpoints. If that happens, you can ignore them or seek help from the moderators that are here to help prevent abuses if it were to get nasty.

I am glad that you are reading our posts though. It gives me a little hope about you.

Peace be with you brother and may we both one day meet up and fellowship in God’s Kingdom together!!! (even though you and I disagree about where that is).

To the rest of my fellow posters:
---- focus on couple of words jwtruth put into his post

thinking person
honest hearted

These are not words of his invention. I’ve read them time and time again - even in 2 different languages. I’ll give you a hint where - it begins with a W and ends with a r. What does repititious words like that mean? I’ll leave it for you to decide and not debate it in deferrence to jwtruth.


you preach jw"truth" that jw’s live by the bible? why is it then that exists?



Isn’t is also scary to think that with all the laws we have protecting us and our children from sexual predators (at least here in the US - not sure about laws in Canada) that you can really have no idea WHO is coming to your door - especially with revelations that there are active JWs that have been accused or convicted as such.


it is scarey to think they come to your door and you have no idea whom your talking to. gives me the creeps!



Hope you still are checking in. If you are an honest hearted person as well, I invite you to check out Jeffery Schwhm’s website. Since you don’t like debate but just like information to think and consider, he provides several articles that address several of your points.
He too has a link for contact.

And if you are a thinking person, then you might read facts presented that might cause you to re-think and want to see what the Bible really teaches.



You mentioned sinful Catholics… I would agree with you. It is a shame when Christians ignore God’s council … thankfully there is forgiveness & we hope that they come to repentance. Jehovah’s Witnesses also have their fair share of people who fail to live up to Biblical standards… that’s why so many are disfellowshipped every year - and those are only the ones caught. People are sinful… that’s the way it’s always been… always will be … which is why God sent us a Savior.

So let’s put aside the sinful examples of both sides… I actually have a question about the sheep & the goats. In Mat 25:33, Jesus says that he will separate the sheep from the goats… what is your interpretation of these passages? Don’t you believe that the sheep are JW’s and the goats are the rest of us? I’m wondering how you get to that because if you’ll continue to read in verses 35-45… Jesus talks about who his sheep are: the ones giving food, shelter, drink, clothing to the needy. He talks about visiting those in prison. Now here’s the part that got me thinking: Jehovah’s witnesses do not provide any material aid to the poor, nor do they contribute a dime to charitable organizations that feed or clothe the poor. Nothing… it goes against the “rules” of the Watchtower…correct? Occasionally JW’s will help other JW’s - but Jesus said we need to “Love our NEIGHBOR as ourselves” - and your neighbor isn’t a Jehovah’s Witness… he’s a Lutheran, or a Catholic or a Muslim.

That’s why I love the Catholic Church. No other “organization” (to steal your term - LOL) provides more aid to the poor than the Catholic Church. So who are the real sheep?



This got me thinking about other buzz words used within the organization. Rather than making my own list, I found a link I found for all interested so you can recognize them when used.
Granted, jwtruth, (if you are still out there) catholicism does have its own buzzwords but I thought I’d put it on here for educational purposes.


My deceased father-in-law was JW…

When he tried to convince me to join his cult… and I saw that I was going to be member number 144,001… I passed.

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