Jehovah's Witnesses and Birthdays

So JWs currently believe that birthdays ought not be celebrated because of 2 references in the Bible in which “bad things” happen on birthdays: the beheading of John the Baptist at Herod’s birthday and Pharoah’s baker being killed on a birthday.

Are there any Biblical examples of “bad things” happening at other events, yet the JWs do not forbid these?

For example, “bad things” happen when the Jews go to Egypt. JWs do not prohibit members from visiting Egypt.

Thus they are being inconsistent.

Are there any other examples I might be able to present that I can say, “Bad things happen when [A] occurs in the Bible yet your religion permits this. Why?”

Also, why choose birthdays as the source of these “bad things”? Why not say, “Bad things happen when daughters dance at birthdays!* So JWs forbid dancing at birthdays!”

*Herodias’ daughter dances for King Herod

Samson got a hair cut, then he was taken by the Philistines and had his eyes poked out. I’m sure JW’s still get hair cuts

Jonah tried to run away from God, then was tossed overboard by sailors and swallowed by a whale. I’d bet many JW’s run from time to time.

Good ones!!



Jesus was born on his birthday. :cool:

Come to think of it everyone is. :smiley:

JWs must be a pessimistic lot.:shrug:

JWs are extremists. I have heard that they don’t gt together with their families, if they are nit JWs. In the Bible, family was and is a very important thing.

Interesting thread, PR. I would think that the martyrs would be a perfect example. It seems that those who refused to renounce their faith were ripped apart by wild animals or skinned alive or boiled in oil… By JW logic, we should never defend or stand up for our faith because bad things happen to those who do.


We can not kiss one another. We would be imitating Judas betrayal of Jesus, one of the worse things that man has ever done. Bad things happen when we kiss one another.

Ah! That’s another good one! :clapping:

The paradigm example would be eating the fruit of trees since that is what got us in this whole mess to begin with. I am sticking with potatoes from now on!

Oh yeah…

…and no more conversations with animals, especially not snakes. Next time my dog barks I ain’t listening. I ain’t no fool! :mad:

For that matter, we cannot be eating, drinking, or marrying. Jesus said that these things happened right before God destroyed Sodom and the world of Noah. Better not take a chance that any eating, drinking, or marrying is good, just to be safe. Just like we better not celebrate anyone’s birthday just in case they are all bad.

I wonder if they ever thought that maybe when bad people have birthdays they do bad things, but maybe when good people have a birthday, maybe they would do good things? Sounds like a possibility.

eagerly salivating, in anticipation of utilizing these great examples at the next knock upon my door! :extrahappy:

Following the leader seems to bring a negative connotation…well the original leader…I mean the 1st leader…you know, the leader of truth…oh never mind! :shrug:

Peter and the other Apostles ( except for St. John ) preached the Gospel and were killed for doing it…
…Would this not indicate that Jehovah’s Witnesses shouldn’t run around and preach their gospel?


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