Jehovah's Witnesses and demons

I am friends with a JW family. I have noticed that they seem inordinately concerned with demons. Things are “demonized”. Even animals and inanimate objects can be “demonized”. They have had furniture that was “demonized”, and a dog that was “demonized”. The father said he beat the dog “near half to death” with a belt because the dog was “demonized”. The poor dog ran away that night. Smart dog! He also heard a demon walking around his bed in the middle of the night. One of his adult sons can instantly tell if a piece of furniture has a demon in it. He says he feels sick when he is near a piece of “demonized” furniture. Why the near obsession with demons? Here’s my theory: because they don’t pray to Jesus, and don’t believe he’s God incarnate, they cannot rely on Jesus as a protector and advocate against demons. The demons always trembled at the sight of Jesus in the Bible, They know they don’t have a chance against Jesus. But JW’s can’t access the divine power of Jesus to defend against demons, so they are left defenseless. I’m no expert on JW’s, but this is my theory. What do you think?

I’m no expert on them either, and I wasn’t aware of their fascination with demons. I’m wondering if this family is a bit of an exception.

It reminds me a bit of a comment my old pastor made, although it wasn’t about JW’s. I made a certain comment about a Protestant exorcist, and one of his claims.

The pastor replied “Some of these people with a deliverance ministry end up seeing a demon under every rock and every tree.”

That is, they become obsessed with evil spirits. I suppose that JW’s, with their belief that all the other religions and denominations are of the devil, may well become obsessed with the devil himself. And he’s not going to disillusion them, is he?

Satan figures very strongly in Islamic theology too, apparently. Hence “The Great Satan” etc.

My theory is these people are nutty-nuts.


Most JWs are not this obsessed with demons. However JWs do consider those who are closed to their teachings influenced by demons.

You should ask them why they don’t have a problem being around you :wink:

:rotfl: They actually like me and my husband. I know they are discouraged from associating with the “heathens”. I hope and pray that our influence will get them thinking about converting. I’ve discovered it’s useless to debate theology with them, so I just try to set an example.

Found it to be more complex that ya expected hey? :slight_smile: The best teacher is a good example.

As someone who was raised JW, this is actually pretty close to the way most JWs I knew believed. They absolutely believe that furniture and objects (like a toy) can become “demonized.” Some JWs I knew claimed the exact same thing about being to tell demonic presence, they would feel “sick” or get a “strange” feeling if a demon was in a house or object. Some even claimed that, while on service (evangelizing), that they encountered “demonized” dogs and other animanls. They claimed they could tell because the dog would just stare at them and often look “evil” when they went to the door to knock. There was no dog beating though. The only way we were told a demon would be “scared” off is by saying the name “Jehovah” out loud, since demons are scared of the true name of God (don’t ask me where they got this, there is rarely a biblical explanation for their theology). Many in our congregation claimed that demons attacked them before they were JWs.

With regards to objects, I remember my mom making my sisters and myself throw away all of our “troll” dolls because they were “demonized” and could come to life. This wasn’t my mom’s idea, but a fellow witness told her to get rid of them. Just about any activity could invite demons into your home it seemed. Most JW children grow up in fear…I wish there was a way to prosecute this group for all the mental anguish they cause children and families.

Debating theology with them is useless, the Watchtower Organization has tought them how to run in circles when debating theology. The best way to reach a JW is to show them the dishonesty of the Watchtower Society. Everything hinges on this group being “God’s Voice” on Earth. You show them to be liars, then you will have cracked their faith. It is the best and only way I evangelize them. The following link shows just how dishonest they were and how badly they misquoted the sources used in their booklet “Should you Believe in the Trinity.” Print this article off and show it to them:


This is probably why they avoid my house…I have a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary on my front roof jamb!

Anyway, seriously speaking, I think they need mental help…this is way too much indoctrination…IMHO.

There may be something in this.

The JW’s do focus a lot on Satan and demons. Everything is Satan and demons. A lot of JW’s are wise enough not to talk too much about Satan and demons to people who are not JW’s because they know how they would react, but they do around each other.

I’m about to write something I have never told anyone. I was brought up a JW, and I was terrified of demons. As another poster said, I was told to say ‘Jehovah’ out loud to make them go away. When I was a child, I used to have nightmares about demons, that they were in my room at tacking me. I would try to say ‘Jehovah’ but couldn’t speak; then I would wake up.

About 12 years ago, I became ill for a number of reasons, but a big reason was being subjected to the cruel and degrading procedure they call a ‘judicial committee.’ The nightmares returned, and I felt I was being tortured by demons because I was a really bad person. When I decided to become Catholic, I envied the priest who catechized me for the fact he could speak about the devil without fear. I was still having nightmares about demons, and I would dream they were throwing me around the room and they were so real. It was like being awake but dreaming at the same time.

Two milestones in my journey of faith were the Resurrection of Jesus, and the Incarnation. Knowing these teachings were true was life changing. Nothing else about the Catholic faith mattered to me but these. (maybe I shouldn’t say that :D) When the nightmare returned, I didn’t try to say ‘Jehovah.’ I didn’t try to say anything out loud in the dream but deep within myself shouted ‘God’ three times. I woke up but instead of being frightened, I felt an immense sense of relief. It was only a dream. That was the last time I had that dream. That nightmare has never returned, and I don’t believe it ever will.

Hope this post wasn’t too scary. :bigyikes:

Many of these people are taught to think and believe this way. Kind of a "group psychosis. But my first reaction is severe mental health problems.

Thanks for sharing your journey, minky.

When I decided to become Catholic, I envied the priest who catechized me for the fact he could speak about the devil without fear.

That reminds me of a story about St. Teresa of Avila (or maybe it was the Little Flower). It may be apocryphal, but I like to think it’s true. Apparently, St. Teresa would awaken from sleep and sense someone at the foot of her bed. Upon realizing that it was the devil she would state, “Oh, it’s only you” and lie down and return to sleep.

Love that story! :slight_smile:

For a group that claims they believe what is only in the Bible, it sure is strange that they ignore the overwhelming evidence that by the name of Jesus Demons were cast out. Of course the JW’s do not believe it is okay to just call out the name Jesus, or to call on the name of Jesus (Romans 10:13.) So they insist on calling out the name “Jehovah” instead, which is definitely not the way YHWH is supposed to be pronounced. Coincidence that the group itself has a “Demon” problem? I’ll leave that up to everyone else to decide.

Feel free to ask “by the name of Jesus Christ I ask to repell all evil and all Demons” during your prayers. The Lord is kind and merciful; keep him close to your heart and in your prayers and he will kindly return the favor.


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