Jehovah's Witnesses and the antichrist

I had a friend who was a devout Jehovah’s Witness that claimed in no uncertain terms that the U.N. was the antichrist. Is this true and is it still their position?

Not sure about the term antiChrist. It’s been many years since I was a JW but as I recall the United Nations was considered an evil tool of Satan, as was the Catholic Church and also all forms of politics. Pray for your friend. He/she is a lost soul. :frowning:

I am not that sure about the Jehovah Witnesses, but the Seventh Day Adventists whom they share a lot of doctrines with (Jesus is the same person as the Archangel Micheal, soul sleep, a huge emphasis on the parousia, with dates even being set for it), makes no bones about calling our church (the RCC) the Antichrist, Whore of Babylon, the beast.

I imagine the JWs also say the same about us.

Please correct me if i’m wrong, i’m still learning. I thought ANY person or organization that was directly apposed to Christ, either in word or deed, was considered the anti-christ.

The JWs teach that the UN is the digusting thing that causes desolation in Matthew 24 and that it is the wild beast being ridden by the Harlot in the book of Revelation.

For them, the anti-christ is not necessarily a person but mostly a group of people, specifically all of the clergy in the different denominations of Christendom. Of course, the primary members of this are the Catholic clergy.

Recently, there was quite the scandal when the JWs’ Bible Society registered with the UN as a Non-Gov’t Organization. It seems that when a group registers as a NGO with the UN they have to say that they agree with the goals of the UN. Some JWs found out about this and an article in The Guardian of the UK made this known world wide.

The JW Headquarters in Brooklyn was over run with phone calls as was the NGO office of the UN. Eventually, the JWs gave up their NGO designation and told the rank and file JWs that they only did it so they could get a library card so as to use the UN Library.

In any case, that is the scoop.

Jeff Schwehm

As I understand the JW, SDA, World Wide Church of God and numerous other protestant sects, it is the Pope who is the anti-Christ and the Catholic Church that is the whore of Babylon (not just the Latin rite of it or "Roman "Catholic Church as described earlier. There is only one “Catholic” Church. One Christ, one body, one Church, His Catholic Church.)

The Geneva Bible even uses the word “Pope” in it when describeing the anti-Christ. (The Geneva Bible is the one used by protestants before the King forced ‘his’ version on them).


I have seen no good reason for the UN except to spend US tax dollars overseas and for countries to us it as a puppet to support their causes.

Oh yea, I forgot, all the foriegn diplomats get to come live in our great nation and experience our great culture and all its great activities while being supported by thier mostly poor citizens and they get to bad mouth the US so they can look good at home, a place they really don’t want to go back to if they could stay in NYC.

Perhaps the JW’s are right in this issue? Could they be right in something else too?

The UN may have its problems, but it’s not *the * antichrist. Also, that term refers to both a specific person appearing at a certain point in time and, in a different sense, the term has been historically applied to anyone or anything that is opposed to Chirst and His teachings. I.e. - if you’re not for Christ, you are “antichrist.”

I think those who look to the UN with a conspiratorial mindset are cut from the same cloth as those who think the Catholic Church is antichrist. While the UN may be amoral, corrupt and ineffective, I don’t think it is, or could ever be, organized and effective enough to pull off world domination.

Just my two cents… :twocents:

Jeff is correct. The Jehovah’s Witnesses narrowly interpret “end times” scripture to apply to their 20th century experience. Their founder, C T Russell took a more Protestant view of the antichrist, but his successor, “Judge” Rutherford, expanded the definition to include all of the clergy of Christendom, not just Catholic, but all of Protestantism also. So the antichrist is a composite body of all of the clergy of Christendom.

In doing so, they place heavy emphasis on 1 John 2:18, that there have come “many” antichrists.

A pretty simple scripture to use in reply to their charge is 2 John 1:7, where the antichrist is defined as denying that Jesus came “in the flesh.” I usually ask them to show me where the pope, or Christendom as a whole has denied Christ as having come in the flesh. That usually changes the subject.


Too bad the JW’s are prohibited from reading this thread! They need some outside facts. They may only be allowed to watch CBS news? How can anyone in a free society be told to put your head in a hole and not to read other sources? Thats how we find facts - by reading outside sources to verify ours and come to an educated conclusion.

By the way, I just found out that the word Jehovah was mistakenly invented by a Catholic doing a bad interpretation of Scripture! Boy, I hope they don’t read this now and find out their name was invented by a Catholic who misinterpreted Scripture and invented the word “Jehovah” around 1200-1300 A.D.?:bigyikes:

Sometimes it is better to prohibit outside sources like the NAZI’s did and the Communists did (and do) and the…

I’m glad I’m Catholic now. I can read anything I want! Ok, I think the Church may still have a ban on the heritical bible written by heritics in Southern France 500 years or so ago? But I can’t read French so who cares. I don’t want to read anything French anyway except some wine and cheese labels maybee.:wink:

Ask the JW if the UN is the anti-Christ then why was the Watchtower Society registered as an official UN NGO (non-governmental organization) until recently. It is true. They can look it up. It was a huge embarassment for them.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses have written their own Bible, or should I say re-written it to suit their needs. As I examine the Catholic faith and it’s history, it is making more and more since to me. I have e-mailed a couple of people through this forum, just looking for support. I live with a J.W., long story as to why, She is my mother. This religion has caused so much damage…which I and my brother were affected by. I recall her many times talking about things related to the U.N. being the Anti-Christ. What the “heck” is that supposid to mean. They make claims about “Babylon the Great” and the World Empire of false religion…meaning as you all know, every religion but their own. I am really making a commentary because I cannot cope with her…she is 76 yrs old. I have two beautiful children, they both go to Catholic school. Thanks be to God!!! I look forward to the day when I can remove all their books and literature from my house, drop it off at their knigdom hall and set it ablaze. Sorry to sound so angry, but I am. Another thing about this religion that many may not know…they are very anti-education and anti-science. My mother is actually “proud” of her ignorance, I know that this religion commands them not to read any literature but their own. I fear that my time has come to do something about them, I am 46 yrs old, I have had enough.


[quote=mark a]I had a friend who was a devout Jehovah’s Witness that claimed in no uncertain terms that the U.N. was the antichrist. Is this true and is it still their position?

[size=5]The Jehovah Witnesses are nothing but fakes they think every thing are the devil. My mom has a J.W. friend and that lady thinks video games and board games TV. Posters of dragons a headboard from a bed, beer some candy all other Christians the radio C.D. women that don’t wear dress kids that have boyfriends of girlfriends and many other thing they consider the devil. These people are sick and inn no way should they even be called Christians I take it as a insult when people call them Christians. I have respect for all Christians expect them they are a cult and not Christian they are very sick and dumb people. (YESHUA above all)


[quote=mark a]I had a friend who was a devout Jehovah’s Witness that claimed in no uncertain terms that the U.N. was the antichrist. Is this true and is it still their position?

At different points of its history, ANYTHING that is not affiliated with the WBS (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society) has been considered the anti-Christ. I am sure that one could find a reference indicating that Blessed Teresa of Calcutta is the anti-Christ.

Nina, I empathize! When I “studied” with them, about 20 some years ago, they actively discourged higher education of any kind because “the new system” was coming any day. Their kids were actually encourged to drop out of high school to become “pioneers”, full time preachers door to door.
Being a prolific reader, I had full bookshelves in my home and when they came to my house, after a few “studies” I was told, “Those all have to go”.
They “disfellowship” any and all “baptized” questioners. Therefore, parents are prohibited from associating with their children if the kids are out on their own and if they are living at home, there is to be NO religious discussion of any kind. And vice versa, children to parent. And on and on through out entire familes.
They beat year old babies in the lobby of the kingdom hall for not sitting still or crying during the meetings and watchtower studies.
These people should be avoided at all costs! Unfortunately, they show up at the doors of homes with a smile and a dress or suit (and no mustache - not allowed!) politely and draw folks in. One never learns most of the rest of their “stuff” until later.

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