Jehovah's Witnesses Responding to Obituaries in the Newspaper


My aunt died last week and an obituary was placed in the newspaper.

We have received two “sympathy notes” from Jehovah’s Witnesses along with religious tracts and invitations to call them so they can talk to us about God’s plan for us.

I caught the first one when it came and threw it away. My mother opened the second one and it upset her.

Is this common practice? I have not seen this done before, and I think it is really tacky.


This is very common, and not just for JWs, but with other cults as well. They want to catch people at their most vulnerable, when their judgment is impaired by grief.

Sorry for your loss,


This has happened to us after the death of my husbands grandmother,and then after the death of my infant niece. Just throw them away.


These people (JW) have no respect at all.We have already placed a poster outside in English and Spanish languages, stating that we dont entertain Non Catholic propaganda.Despite of this,two JW came knocking and ringing the bell this morning,stood there for minutes,(we didnt open the door) and left their paraphernalia.I just hope that next time they return,I will not lose my temper.They just don’t get it!


The only religion I have ever heard of doing this is the Jehovah’s Witnesses. That is because they believe that the dead can also recieve salvation. In other words Baptism for the dead saves some non-Mormons posthumously.

They have recieved a lot of criticism for this practice. They have paid many cash strapped countries for a list of the dead. Many get baptised even without permission. They did this also in Russia. The Russian Jews were not very happy.

Late last year The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles had demanded that Nazi Hunter Simon Wiesenthal’s name be removed from the church’s genealogical records. It probably would have ended in a law suit if that had not taken action.

No matter how weird or wrong however, one thing I can say for them, they have the best genealogy database in the world and it is because of that belief.


Hehehehe, we must not be as nice as Catholics. Sometimes in the dog days of summer my friends would become so bored we planned a “Have fun with the Jovies night”. We could always time their visits. I admit I have a few friends who belong to that denomination, so do not tell on me! LOL

My central heat/air repair man came too early the other day, I finally opened and said, “Oh I’m sorry, I thought you were one of those Jehovah Witness people” He replied…“Oh come on, we are not all that bad!” OUCH!!! :smiley:


That’s one nice thing about living out in the country - we very rarely get JW visitors.


It seems to me you are confusing JW’s and Mormons in this post.



EGADS!!! Your right! My bad…how embarassing. :eek:


This is an old JW trick to catch people while they are grieving and their guard is down. Just when you think JW’s have set new lows they always suprise you. I would have written them back in my usual calm and peaceable manner.


Thanks. I see I’m not the only one to experience this.


It’s also nice to live in an apartment building with a security buzzer. They never bother to ring because nobody in the building would let them in.


As a former JW who is now Catholic, I can tell you that this practice was encouraged. You could, if you wish, send them an invitation to visit our website in return.

Jeff Schwehm
The Fellowship of Catholic Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses


I am curious Jeff. Do they have any idea how revolting and disgusting such a tactic is? Have they no shame?


My Brother-in-loves best friend did the best ever encounter with the JW’s.

They knocked on the door and he welcomed them in. Called the wife to come to the kitchen and they got out cookies and drinks. Then they all sat at the table.

The friend said we should pray before we eat, then started out something like Oh Blessed Jesus, Heavely Father and continued on for probably 5 minutes.

When he and his wife opened their eyes, the Jw’s had left.



I have had many groups do this, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons ( both Utah and Reorganized ), Adventists ( both Worldwide Church of God and Seventh day), The Way International, Children of God, Moonies – rarely any orthodox christian groups has done this. Basically, I simply find out who they are, ask for their home phone numbers and addresses, and say I will call you when I am ready to discuss who Jesus is with you. I have never had one give me their phone number or address, they just go away. Some simply send you a letter, which I send them back a tract without postage.


Anne - I’m sorry for your loss. I will pray for the repose of her soul.



Sorry to hear of the lack of respect…seems so common these days !!! The last time the JW’S came to our area i asked them , with love , to kindly take down my exact address and full name and to duly notify their head office that i am a happy catholic…i have not been bothered since. Don’t ignore them as this will only encourage them to call again ! Strength and peace…!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Why is everyone ducking these people? They have come to my house a couple of times. I take their propoganda and thank them, haven’t had time to see them yet. But one day I will have them in and 'splain to them why they should be RC!



I try to drag them in.

I figure the more time I can burn, the less time they can spend on the vulnerable :smiley:

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