Jenna Jameson Confirms She's Pregnant

This is how the media can confuse the general public on what it means to be Catholic.

Hi Beofuse,

No kidding! At first, I thought you were making a comment about her former occupation, and thought “well good for her for turning her life to towards faithfulness to the Church.” Then, I read the article:

She adds that she and boyfriend of two years, mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz, "are still in a state of shock.

Oh boy…so, as a devout Catholic, no doubt she confessed her fornication and is getting married, right? Nope…

“I think I’m gonna stay unmarried and just go for the babies!” she told Us. “I’m following in Angelina’s footsteps!”


…and then the kicker…

But the devout Catholic — who has tried in vitro — told Us, “It was all in God’s plan.”

Those phrases shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. I will pray for her…


Apparently she skipped catechism classes a lot!!! :bigyikes:


I don’t agree with Angelina or Jenna’s decisions, obviously. :frowning:

But I’m gonna blame the magazine for this one…:shrug:

I agree with KG…I think the magazine misrepresented the issue.

On a side note…I actually feel very sorry for this woman. I saw a television documentary on her life. She dealt with childhood abuse at the hands of a stepmother. She also was sexually abused as a teen. I don’t condone her lifestyle at all…I just feel somewhat sad that such a pretty girl could be so lost.:frowning:

I think Father Corapi mentioned once the story of a woman he knew who was a prostitute…and now is a Carmelite sister. I might be naive…but Father Corapi had a pretty rough life, and through the Grace of God…look at where he is now.

Maybe being a mother might inspire her to change? I hope and pray so.

No wonder I didn’t know who she was. As I grow older, I find this happening more often than not. I guess I’m just thinking about the things that are important.

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