Jennifer Holliday backs out of Trump inauguration gig


Broadway star Jennifer Holliday has backed out as a performer at next week’s presidential inaugural, saying she did not realize that her participation would be interpreted as a statement of support for President-elect Donald Trump.

Holliday, best known for her Tony-winning role in Broadway’s “Dreamgirls,” faced pressure from her gay, lesbian and black fans when it was announced she would sing at a Thursday concert at Washington’s Lincoln Memorial.

Holliday said in a statement Saturday that she apologized for her lapse of judgment, for being uneducated on the issues and causing heartbreak for her fans.

Several prominent entertainers have declined to perform at Trump inaugural festivities. Country star Toby Keith and actor Jon Voigt are in the lineup for Thursday’s concert.


Good for her! As for myself, I’m backing out of watching. I respect the office… I’ve watched Presidential inaugurations going back a ways both R and D… but I simply have no respect for this man. Not after all of his antics and comments throughout the campaign and some before and the way he has continued to present himself on Twitter and elsewhere since. So I’ll pass on this one.


Who cares what you do? I’ll be watching and so will millions others. He’ll be a GREAT President!


My conscience cares.


I never heard of her before and could care less that she is so intimidated by the far left.

It is a shame that so many entertainers are without real courage. It appears that their real concern is financial as Hollywood and the entertainment world has threatened anyone in the industry to make sure they can’t work again.

There is no freedom within the left wing or Democrat/socialist party, it is either do as we say or you will suffer the consequences.

Even if Trump brings back jobs and helps to stop the horrible violence in the U.S., the left wing doesn’t appear to want that. They live to hate and after what I have seen these past months, can almost pick out a left winger by their looks, without them opening their mouths. They all look so angry.

At least this is what I see. Also I thought many claim to be Christians but it seems from all the hatred being spewed I now wonder.



I will just trust you are wondering about the President-elect’s Christianity too given his comments at the age of 59 on tape about his sexual encounters as a famous person and his mannerisms in describing a disabled person and in professing that he could shoot someone and not lose support and so on. And that doesn’t even get into policy such as his party seemingly willing to vote to end the healthcare of over 20 million people without first having a consensus within their ranks on a replacement.


This reminded me of when Macy and NBC abnegated their contracts with Trump after he announced his candidacy for president a year ago. Trump could have so easily backed off, changed his rhetoric to appease those people, but he didn’t. Macy got a financial whipping instead.

Jackie Evancho the young singer who was the first to announce participation in the inauguration has seen her record sales go through the roof. L. L. Bean owner got under fire because she dared send a donation to the trump campaign. But with Trump showing his gratitude with one tweet, I have a feeling L. L. Bean will do even better business than before. The middle of America is not extreme as the left would have us believe. Yay!!!


I think there may be a kinder tone in which to express apathy…


Trump didn’t make fun of a disabled person (I happen to be disabled), and it’s always rich to read comments that evaluate the manners of Republicans in a Christian light when the other party is all in on the culture of death.


Well said. Not only is middle American not extreme as the left would have us believe but also the press for the most part of course as well.


Keep banging that drum. It got you nowhere for the election. But you keep repeating it if it makes you feel better.


I never heard of Jennifer what’s her name, but then I am not into pop culture. You don’t have to agree with someone’s politics to perform. When else might she get an invite to sing at an inauguration? The closer to the big day it gets, the crazier the liberals get.


I agree. It’s a performance, not an endorsement.

For Pete’s sake, Hillary is going. Is that an endorsement?


Liberals and democrats harp on “fake news” but they don’t mind one bet perpetuating this myth.


People can judge that for themselves. We all saw him.


A lot of the hatred being spewed (at Muslims, Mexicans, women, etc.) came from Donald Trump himself. He kind of set the tone.


Correct. You don’the. One could argue it’s a business decision and that she is assessing the number of fans she could pick up or loose. (Note : it being a business decision says noth8ng about the morality of such a decision).


Umm. Why at the beginning of his little performance did Mr trump say, “poor guy, you gotta see this guy,” if he didn’t know what he looked like? And if he did know what he looked like, why continue with his little performance?

Sorry for it being off topic.


Yeah,I passed on everything Obama the past eight years…


She started out on American Idol and later got a great part in the movie Dreamgirls for which she won several awards. She has been one of the few successful contestants
after American Idol - which she did not win. Her mother and brother were murdered several years ago. She is very talented, but I am disappointed she let the left “GET”
to her. Why are her LGBTQ friends upset. Has Trump offended them in some way.
The liberals really need to grow up and act like adults! It is too bad she didn’t try to set an example rather than succumb to peer pressure.

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