Jennifer Knapp comes out as singer, and gay

I just found this, and it is shocking to me. I listened to her music for a long time, and I wondered where she wandered off to. I must admit, I don’t give a rip if she’s homosexual. What bothers me is that she is now openly homosexual AND living in a same-sex “relationship.” :frowning:

I agree with you. No one should care about her personal sexual preference.

Okay, I admit it… I have never heard of Jennifer Knapp. :blush:

According to the Wikipedia article, she is a Christian folk singer. I’m not sure that her sexual orientation would be an issue otherwise.


i remember someone asked in another thread who so many young women seem to identify as bisexual / lesbian.

a few things come to mind…

it’s not uncommon for women to develop strong emotional attachments to one another. kind of like crushes. with our hyper-sexualized society, and with homosexuality being so widely heard-of and public, it seems many of these young women look at these friendships / attachments and think “wow, i really like this girl… maybe i’m gay”.

whereas in reality the bond is more emotional than emotional-and-sexual.

it also seems like women, being created the way we are, may be easier to appreciate aesthetically than males. again, with our hyper-sexualized society and with an in-grained human tendency to sin, err, and project our energy where it ought not to go, that appreciation can move from admiring to objectifying, to sexualizing.

does Ms. Knapp still profess Christian faith? or write Christian music?

Yes, she is coming out with an album fairly soon. Within the year, I think.

I remember listening to Knapp when I was just becoming a christian. I admit, I’m probably a little more liberal than most christians, but I don’t really care about someone’s sexual orientation. I DO care if they profess to be a christian, become a leader or respected person, and live an openly gay lifestyle (in a “relationship”) and in so doing, lead many away from the truth of Christ.

Christianity isn’t a “feel good” religion. I just get so downhearted when I hear things like this.

WG ~

part of being a Christian is crucifying the flesh, and taking God’s standards as our own, not the other way around.

to live an active, unchaste, and open homosexual lifestyle is to fail on both of those counts.

the best we can do is to be a light for Christ and for Truth wherever we go. yes, there are openly gay and practicing men and women who profess Christian faith.

do your best with God’s help to be a clear and unbending light in the right direction. Christians fall and stumble and resfuse admit error everyday. the most positive thing we can do is to pray for them, pray for their repentance, and uphold what is right in our own lives, with God’s help.


A few years ago I went to a six flags with a young adult group where a big evangelical outreach to needy children was holding a concert; The Newsboys where the main act and Miss Knapp was one of the performers. I had never heard of her before that, what I remember she is a darn good guitar player and has a humble demeanor; I remember her as being mildly attractive. I saw on the CNN this story ( and it referenced an interview she had on Christianity Today (

What I found curious it that CNN had her story featured rather prominently and she looked gorgeous in the photo they had of her. It’s like she might be promoted like the next big rock star, she has the talent and the looks. Not to mention a story line that could be used to try to embarrass faithful Christians as intolerant and uncaring. Also, it could encourage young people who are struggling with these tendencies to act upon them.

I think we need to pray for this talented young lady and hope that she does not get exploited as a tool for the homosexual agenda.


Thirded :wink:

Why did I need to know this? Not that I am complaining about you posting it, but about a reporter asking it and her answering it.

What is it with our society when we feel compelled to know the deep personal secrets of an individual, such as their sexuality or lack thereof? Why do I need to know if this person is homosexual or heterosexual, chaste or unchaste, with or without children?

Why should I care about her house, her bank balance, or her dog?

We should, IMHO, evaluate singers on their singing ability, actors on their acting ability, politicians on their positions on the issues and their voting record, businessmen on their business acumen, and so on. Anything else is really not our business and shouldn’t be in play.

Why is it that we have this compulsion to get into individuals’ personal lives? (My belief is that if we didn’t feel the need to do so and reacted with a “who cares”, these individuals would not feel the compulsion to make these revelations and the publications that spread those words wouldn’t feel the compulsion to ask the question or publish the answer)

This is a person who was/is in the Christian genre so they generally at their performances get witness to the Christian faith; they are not some pop singers who sings just spiritual songs. If this person furthers an agenda that living the homosexual lifestyle is compatible with the gospel then her act and recordings should be avoided not matter how good she is. Again I pray that this young lady return to chaste living, even better yet becomes Catholic while at it.

In terms of politicians one should care. Look at the case of Spitzer, who from what I understand actually did a decent job in office but was using tax dollars to finance escapes with a hooker. Can I trust a gay politician to vote correctly on life, pro-family, or religious issues?

I am not advocating for a Christian version of TMZ, but careful into whose pockets you put your money into.

The point I’m getting at is that they should keep their private lives to themselves. And, unless that private life has an impact on their public performance of duty, we should mind our own business as well.

The fact that JFK was randy is not my business and, to my knowledge, didn’t impact his job. The media knew about it, but didn’t think it was appropriate to report. Same thing with FDR.

Spitzer, on the other hand, used public money inappropriately. That is what takes it from being a private sin into being a public scandal. Clinton used Arkansas state troopers to arrange his hookups when governor and sexually harassed subordinates in the workplace. That is what turned his personal sins into public scandals. Without those public components, neither of their personal failings would be any of your or my business.

(think about it: how many really good people must have shied away from elective office because they may have ghosts in their closets, strictly personal ghosts, that they would like to leave in the dim, dark, past?)

The bottom line is that I think we, as a society, are all addicted to the sin of detraction. And we really need to break that addiction.

I agree, she should be setting a better example for Christians, however, we shouldn’t be quick to judge since we’ve probably sinned and made mistakes while we’ve been Christians. She’ll probably learn something from this and God will draw her back to Him in time since He doesn’t let His own go. I really like her music too.

I’ve met people who were Christians who were in this lifestyle because of some emotional woundedness where God has shown them the truth and brought them out of it. They go on to give their testimonies about the pitfalls of it, God’s healing grace, and the REAL reasons behind same sex attractions which have everything to do with emotional and spiritual brokenness and trying to get our needs met our own way.

Once we realize these things and experience enough pain from these relationships, we’ll come to realize who can give us the love we truly need, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Fair enough, but when they choose to come out or engage in reprehensible behavior then we should withdraw our support. I agree with you the less we know about some famous people the better. In this case I fear that she may be marketed with the side intention to embarrass and miss-lead young Christians who struggle with same sex attractions; I hope that Miss Knapp has limited success so the sake of her precious soul and the souls of others.

God Bless,

To add: I pray the same for her. She said in one of those interviews that she wants God to guide her and show her who she truly is and what’s she’s supposed to be doing. I trust that He willl show her just that.

Agreed. Once it’s in the public domain, it is in the public domain. The only point I’m making is why put it there in the first place?

And I don’t disagree with you on the probable motive and probable result.

The “Whys” of someone’s homosexuality are important. If she (or anyone else) had a few negative experiences or heartbreak with the opposite gender, then became intolerant of the opposite gender, which is half the world population, then how is that any different than any other broadbrushed prejudice?

So True:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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