Jennifer Lopez Says Her Faith Stopped Her From 'Messing' With IVF

Jennifer Lopez stars in the upcoming movie “The Back-Up Plan” about a woman who conceives twins using artificial insemination.
But Lopez told Elle magazine in their February issue that she decided to forgo fertilization %between%treatments while trying to get pregnant herself.
“I … believe in God and I have a lot of faith in that, so I just felt like you don’t mess with things like that,” she told Elle. “And I guess deep down I really felt like either this is not going to happen for me or it is. You know what I mean? And if it is, it will. And if it’s not, it’s not going to.”±+Entertainment%2529

Kind of neat to see a celebrity having a belief like that…you don’t hear that too often these days.

In Christ,

I guess like she doesn’t, you know, have all the like Catholic jargon. But you know I think the woman’s got a good grasp of the main idea.

I’m glad that she didn’t receive IVF or any artificial insemination. But I wished she understood that her marriage is not legit. :frowning: I keep her and all of Hollywood in my prayers. It’s not easy because it’s so secular, and there are so many actors and actresses who’s main focus is not God because they can’t find the time in their busy work schedules to attend Church. Sad, but true.

I’m glad she remembered one Catholic teaching because she and Mark Anthony were married multiple times before they married each other. It is going to be very hard for them if they stay married now and want to raise their children as Catholics.

I don’t think IVF should even be allowed. The consequences of when it goes wrong are huge.

“She’s saying that if you deal with fertility issues then it’s because God doesn’t want you to have children and that’s offensive. In reality, if God didn’t want you to have kids then he wouldn’t have these opportunities available,” Jennifer Katz, who underwent IVF treatment in 2007, told Pop Tarts. “It’s not ‘messing’ or intruding in God’s plan, you go after things in life that you want and don’t sit back and wait for things to happen. God helps those who help themselves.”

‘If God wants you to have kids, then he wouldn’t have abortion clinics available either’ will be just as reasonable.

We have no way of knowing if her marriage is legit. Her and her husband could have been granted annulments by the Church.

I truly cannot understand the Catholic stance that invitro violates the “right of the child”. Could anyone with a firm grasp of the issue explain clearly which the Church is opposed?

To point out some of the immorality of IVF, there are children who are born without a mother or a father. Another word, the children were conceived from some arbitrary eggs or sperms taken from a reproductive factory. Is a child a thing to be manufactured at will? Where is the dignity of a child in that?


Agreed, even more so than some “officials” that hold office within the Catholic Church.

Well good for her, seriously. That is a refreshing approach coming from someone in Hollywood. I don’t her hold her up as a Catholic role model or anything, but that is all up to God.

Marital relations are alway ment to be Unitive and Procreative. that is the only way a being should come into this world.

IVF is not unitive. it is done outside the sacredness of marriage. another huge problem is because it so expensive and labor intensive and painful they take many eggs and fertilize them. they dont always implant all the fertilized eggs. so “left over babies” are frozen or killed. also they implant several fertilized (babies) eggs knowing that only one or two will survive and implant.

IVF allows single parents and gay partners the ability to make a baby and that is definately NOT God plan. Yes single parents can do a good job but its not the way you want to purposely do things. i know single woman who have done this. they love their children but struggle between raising them and working all by themselves and they ultimately want to find a husband and daddy for their children. they just didnt wait for God to work in their lives and bring them a husband/daddy first.

we are to help do Gods work. but no we are not suppose to go out there and grab whatever we want and say its what God wants.

That, and it is probably hard for them to go to church anywhere, because they are likely to be bombarded with people excited to see a celebrity.

Like we say in Spanish Jennifer Lopez no es santo de mi devocion “isn’t a saint of my devotion” but I’m glad she thinks that way. I don’t know how many of you have heard of Puerto Rican actress Adamari Lopez (no relation) a breast cancer survivor who used IVF to have biological children with her husband singer Luis Fonsi in the hope that she would be implemanted with them when she was healthy enough to be pregnant. They’ve had the (I think I read 11) embryo’s stored for years and she would even visit them but just this year they announced they are getting divorced! Independent of the pain the two of them must be going through the fact that the embyros could be destroyed sickens me. I heard she’ll need her ex-husband’s permission to implant one of the embryos in her but is it realistic for him to want to have a child with someone he doesn’t want to be married to? :shrug: The same could be said for Adamari.

Update: Luis and Adamari are officially divorced. I happened to catch a bit of one of the Spanish-language gossip shows and they said that their documents declared they had no children together. I didn’t hear any mention about the embyro’s (and yes there are 11 of them) but one of the reporters brought it up and didn’t give an answer to their fate. So sad from all sides.

You may not like it, but this is one of those issues where the official church position does not have any effect on the legality of the issue. It is perfectly legal, and I suspect will always remain so.

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