Jeremy, Ashley's husband was killed in accident


A friend of our daughters, whose name is Ashley - her husband Jeremy, was killed instantly in an auto accident yesterday. He was broadsided in an intersection by someone running a red light. The woman causing the accident was not hurt and neither were a father and child in a pick up truck that was rolled over.

They are twenty-three, just finishing college - no insurance, and leaving behind two little ones, 2 and 6 months old. The school, hearing what happened, has already given her a scholarship that was not taken to finish out her last year of nursing school. So I am sure God is going to take care of them, but my daughter said ‘mom have you placed them on the prayers lists?’

Please lift that little family up in prayer.
** The Holy Dormition of the Mother of God**

 O Mother of God, in giving birth you still preserved virginity and in falling-asleep You did not forsake the world. **You are the Mother of Life and have been transferred to life, and through your prayers have delivered our souls from death.**      *(Troparion for August **     15)*


God help them in this terrible time.





Praying for the family for much stength and consolations at this time. And for your daughter too. This must be hard for her to see her friend suffering like this. May she also have the words to bring her friend consolations.

In Jesus precious name,



I pray that this young mother and her children feel the loving arms of the Lord during this most difficult time and that she be granted courage and strength for the days ahead. I pray for the repose of this young man’s soul as well.


I will add them to my prayers.


I will pray for them.


praying for the repose of this mans soul, and for his little family, and your daughter. God bless all.


Praying for the repose of Jeremy’s soul, and prayers for his family. :gopray2:


Praying for all involved.


Terribly, terribly tragic. May Jeremy’s soul and all souls through God’s Mercy ever rest in His Peace and may he comfort and console Ashley and all involved. JMJ


I’m praying for Ashley, her kinds as well as her husbands soul! :gopray2:


Will say an All Souls chaplet for him and will offer up this intention at my next rosary


I pray for her husband, that God might welcome him into His kingdom. I also pray for the family, that in this time of grief they might find strength and consolation in the Lord.


oh, my… I will pray for them.


Oh how sad, Prayers for Jeremy’s soul, Prayers for Ashley and her children~:gopray2:


Praying for Jeremy’s repose and for this family…


God I pray for Jeremy’s soul. I pray for Ashley and the children. God lift them up and give them the strength and financial stability they need. In Jesus name I pray…AMEN


Prayers for this whole family!!:byzsoc::byzsoc:


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