Jeremy Hammond, hacker for Anonymous, sentenced to 10 years


Washington Post:

Jeremy Hammond, hacker for Anonymous, sentenced to 10 years

NEW YORK — A Chicago computer hacker tied to the group known as Anonymous was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison for cyberattacks on various government agencies and businesses, including a global intelligence company. Jeremy Hammond, 28, was handed the maximum term for the December 2011 hacking of Strategic Forecasting, an attack his lawyers contend was driven by concern about the role of private firms in gathering intelligence domestically and abroad.

Prosecutors say the hack of Strategic Forecasting, or Stratfor, resulted in the theft of 60,000 credit card numbers and records for 860,000 clients, which were then uploaded online. Hammond admitted being behind it in May.
He also admitted to hacking several law enforcement agencies and organizations, including the Arizona Department of Public Safety, and releasing personal details of officers as part of an attack by the Anonymous-affiliated group LulzSec.

Hammond’s lawyers argued that their client should be sentenced only to time served since his March 2012 arrest, portraying him as a political activist and whistleblower.
But Chief Judge Loretta Preska of the U.S. District Court in Manhattan imposed the 10-year term followed by three years of supervised release, citing his “total lack of respect for the law.”



People who commit such crimes deserve to be punished. Justice must be served. If we allowed people to get away with such crimes then eventually society would become lawless.


I have little sympathy for Jeremy Hammond, since he is a radical leftist, but in all fairness, those who work for the US government and who have been involved in the tapping of telephones, pose a far greater threat to America. These are the people who should really be going to prison.




No sympathy here. I wonder how many innocent people are suffering the consequences of identity theft as a result of Jeremy Hammond’s illegal actions.


I don’t have much sympathy for him either but its not because of his political views or anything. Its just that I have a very dim view of hacking into other people’s computers. I went to college with a major in computer networking and although I did not get a degree, I did learn a little about computer security and what a hacker can do. I have experienced my computer being hacked first hand several times as well. I know how much of a pain it can be to fix and such. Therefore, I have no sympathy for him. He caused a lot of problems for at least a few people and now he is going to face the punishment for it and justly so.

Its really hard to tell. I didn’t read the article but I would not be surprised if personal identity information was sold or anything. Often times hackers do hack into computer accounts for that purpose. That’s how a lot of identity theft occurs I think.


In my opinion there’s a good chance this was a false flag operation by government agents to paint the Anonymous movement as the bad guys, and to destroy the movement’s good reputation. Kind of like fishing for criminals in the Tea Party movement, in order to smear the whole Tea Party movement.

I mean, just look at our government agencies - spying on innocent people, hoaxes and false flag attacks everywhere, building their New World Order worse than Orwell’s 1984, and Anonymous has been playing an important role in exposing all of it. I remember Anonymous was among the first, for example, to say that the Chechen brothers were innocent, they were patsies, and later we learned that yes indeed, Boston was a hoax and a false flag operation which involved the Craft mercenary organization, and Crisis Actors (just google for these key words, Boston false flag Craft Crisis Actors - folks, we need to wake up).

Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, Anonymous - anyone belonging to this movement - if I ever meet you over a beer or something, your drink is on me. :smiley:


I am sorry about this OurLadyPray4Us but why do you think it was a false flag attack? Do you have any evidence that it actually was one?

I apologize but I am just skeptical when people start making claims about false flag attacks. I have a skeptical side to me I guess. :blush:


Holly, I think I will resurrect one of the Boston Bombing threads to give some links to the evidence. But yeah, the alternative media is full of solid evidence that Boston was a false flag operation committed by rogue elements in our own government. You can also pretty easily find this information for yourself, if you search the internet for the keywords I have given in my previous post. Well, here are just 2 easy videos that touch on the basics: Craft International mercenaries involved - crisis actors involved - Tsarnaev brothers innocent, framed and used as “patsies” - see here

That’s why I so appreciate Anonymous and any other folks who are working to uncover the truth. I do not fear the terrorists - there are no terrorists in the USA. I fear my own rogue government, which perpetrates false flag operations and kills innocent Americans, under both Republican and Democrat governments.


I posted some info in this thread:

I remember Anonymous had a role in exposing the Boston fraud. We need more patriots like the Anonymous folks, standing up to a lying murderous government.

My hunch is that Anonymous folks stealing credit card numbers are as rare as Tea Party members shooting innocent people.


Thank you for the information OurLadyPray4Us. I have no idea whether or not the Boston bombing was a false flag event and I have no idea whether or not this thing with Anonymous was a false flag event either. I imagine it is possible but that’s all I’m going to say.


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