Jermaine Jackson wants Michael to convert to Islam

Mon Jan 29, 2:22 PM ET
LONDON (Reuters) - Jermaine Jackson said on Monday he wants his brother Michael to convert to Islam; and he believes the reclusive superstar has given it serious thought.

“Michael, I feel, needs to become a Muslim because I think it’s a great protection for him from all the things that he’s been attacked with, which are false,” said the former Jackson Five singer who now lives in Bahrain…

Jermaine Jackson said his faith helped keep him sane in the enclosed confines of the British reality TV program where the contestants are kept cooped up under 24-hour surveillance.

“If I didn’t have Allah and my prayer rug, I would not have survived and the reason why is because it kept me focused, it kept me calm,” he said.

For years, God has impressed upon my heart that I should pray for Michael Jackson. Every few months I am reminded to pray for him. This is one of those times.

Sounds interesting. In fact, the way politics, religion, and social conflicts are developing in these days is just logical to believe that peace and armony could come within the next “prophet”.

I seem to recall an interview that Michael Jackson once gave in which he expressed a desire to live forever.

Well, in Islam you will indeed get to live for all of eternity but I think not quite in the same way that Michael envisioned when he gave that interview.

And so, if he does eventually decide to become a Muslim, God-willing, then the first thing that he needs to do is to re-arrange his thought processes on the subject of life and death.

Sounds to me like just another attempt at hiding and running away from your problems. Conversion should come from the heart as inspired by the Holy Spirit, that will then lead you to a life dedicated to serving and living for God. I suppose (not sure though) that even in the world of Islam, that conversion is taken very seriously, and not just used as an “escape route” for personal problems.

No offense against Islam, but all Michael Jackson had to do, and still can, is to turn his eyes and heart heavenword and ask our Merciful Lord to show him the way.
Stop thinking about what I WANT and start to think about what GOD wants of me. Jesus is waiting, and if one is too timid or unsure, ask our Lady to help. She will ALWAYS lead you to Jesus.:thumbsup:

Great advice for everyone! :thumbsup:

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