Jerome's commentary on Jonah and Ecclesiastes


St. Jerome’s commentary on Jonah has now been published, and his commentary on Ecclesiastes should be published in less than a week! They have been left unpublished by the translator for over 14 years but he has given permission to have them edited and published! They are now part of a series called Ancient Bible Commentaries in English. Here is the commentary on Jonah by Jerome

Here is a link to the series that is now in progress

Once every book of the Bible has at least one ancient commentary published, then it will be put into one great volume for a complete ancient Bible commentary, much like a Catholic alternative to the Ancient Christian Commentary on Sacred Scripture by IVPress. Also, sections will be made into one volume, such as the Old Testament and New Testament, as well as Gospels, Epistles, Prophets, Pentateuch, etc.


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