Jerry Falwell Jr. is wrong to encourage concealed weapons to “end those Muslims”

GUEST POST BY SHANE CLAIBORNE: The president of Liberty University, America’s largest Christian college, told his student body on Friday that “If more good people had conceal carry permits, then we can end those Muslims.” He stuck his hand in his back pocket indicating that he had a gun, and, referring to the people killed this week in San Bernardino, said, “If the people in that community center had had what I got in my back pocket right now…” A video of the event shows the student body responding with applause.

It gets worse. Falwell invited Liberty students to attend a free course offered on campus to acquire open carry permits and concluded by saying, “Let’s teach [Muslims] a lesson before they show up here.”

There is not a single Christian in the first 300 hundred years of the faith who justifies violence or makes a case for self-defense.

I would suspect that there are those who would disagree with this.

Someone please open a dictionary for this bloke Falwell, find the word irony and explain it to him.

I can see it now - Facebook posts claiming all Christians are right-wing, pro-gun, nut jobs because of this. :frowning:

Thanks be to God the face of the Catholic Church is Pope Francis!!

So are guns permitted on campus at Liberty? Anyone know? Just curious.

Liberty University, the largest religion-affiliated U.S. school, is loosening restrictions for carrying firearms on its Lynchburg, Va., campus.

Liberty students who have an easy-to-obtain Virginia concealed carry permit and permission from campus police will now be able to carry a loaded gun into classrooms, according to a March 22 revision to school policy. University staff and visitors may also bring firearms into university buildings on campus, WSET reported. Students remain banned from bringing guns into residence halls, even with a permit.

Liberty, a Christian institution founded by television evangelist Jerry Falwell, has an enrollment of 74,000, including 62,000 taking online courses. The school dropped its ban on campus guns in November 2011. That step allowed faculty and staff to bring their guns into buildings if they had a permit, while students and visitors were allowed to carry guns in cars and on the campus grounds, but not inside buildings.

There are still restrictions. People on probation, students in violation of any academic or honor code, or those who have “been arrested for or charged with any assault, battery, stalking, crime of violence, or felony” are not allowed to carry guns on campus. Only residence hall directors will be allowed to bring guns into a dorm.

Liberty joins 25 colleges in Colorado, Utah, Virginia and Michigan in allowing concealed carry on campus, according to the advocacy group Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus. Virginia is one of 24 states that leave the decision to ban guns with schools.

An Imam at an Islamic school says “more concealed weapons could ‘end those Christians’”


Stupid comments are stupid no matter whoever makes them and comments encouraging sectarian hatred are ill advised by anyone.


I doubt any one will try anything there!! God Bless, Memaw

As an LU grad I am embarrassed by the idiotic words of Falwell’s son.
Jerry Falwell Sr. was right-wing and no friend to the Catholic Church, but he was a man of class and decency. He opened a home for unwed mothers and sounded the abortion alarm long before his fundamentalist peers did.
If you watch the video you notice Falwell began his remarks with “I was watching Fox news…”. Maybe if Falwell turned off the boob tube, opened his Bible and followed his Dad’s example he would be better off.

Huh, it’s extremely easy to build a case for violence from Scripture, if your audience knows less Scripture than you do and you are not afraid of eisegesis.

Sadly, this just shows once again that spiritual leadership is not generational.



That’s true. It’s from the Bible that many use to justify all sorts of things.
The three bigwigs of 20th century fundamentalism have not fared well with their offspring.
Falwell, Hyles and Bob Jones. I could say more about what I know about the Bob Jones family, but I won’t. I will only repeat what JharekCarnelian said about irony. God has a way of teaching very hard lessons to a proud people.

If the college wants to allow concealed carry, so be it. Who are we to say that students aren’t allowed to defend themselves?

As for the comments…I’ll pretend I’m a political strategist & say they were “inartfully said.” :wink:

If he is worried about them “showing up here” he sure made himself a target.

I was under the impression that Jr has generally been more low-key and far less inflammatory than Sr on the whole, and that this is a particular example of something that seems more in the character of the father than the son.

Sr. would not have stood in a pulpit bragging about the concealed weapon in his back pocket, and encouraged his student body to buy weapons to ‘end those Muslims’. He may have held those opinions, I’m simply saying he would have had the poise to not say it out loud. I imagine it’s a generational difference.

I think back to what happened at that community college in Oregon, and I can’t help but think why that type of person would target a community college instead of a parochial school, a seminary, I don’t want to name any names but there are a few in the Pacific Northwest that have much more of a solid Christian identity than that of a community college. LU has been a target for quite some time now, and I do actually think this will successfully deter anyone from carrying out a relatively easy-to-plan attack.

Before I continue, I want to point out that the arming of students will be limited to those aged 21 and over, there are some permissions and some hoops to jump through that are detailed in another post, and of course it’s a dry campus so it’s not as clearly stupid as it would be on a different kind of campus.

With that being said, I do think that LU might wind up wishing this was done more quietly. There may be some people out there who are thinking “Challenge accepted.” This does actually make things a lot harder for certain kinds of attacks, but there are lots of strategies that can get around that.

With all that being said, I have yet to see any news story in which a would-be mass shooter is foiled by a nearby “good guy with a gun” who has a concealed carry permit. But then again, I have heard stories about mass shooters who do research as to which places allow for concealed carry and which places are truly soft targets, and then guess what they go for the soft target. And maybe that’s all LU really wants to do, be less of a soft target.

I haven’t watched it, but I’m certain this will be used as evidence against Fox News.

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