Jerry Springer, a useful show

I think the Jerry Springer show can be a useful teaching tool.
When dissident Catholic scholars complain the Church teachings on sexual morality are too restrictive, we can point out that when sexual restrictions are removed, then we get social situations like those on the Jerry Springer show.

But, maybe that is what dissidents really want.

At least the show provides a concrete example of what all of society would be like if the dissidents desires on sexual morality for society were fulfilled.

Do we really want a society like that?
I don’t think so.

As the saying goes, “it’s all in the presentation.” Anyone can go to any web site to learn what other people are up to. Pick a subject.

However, I listen to Catholic radio and listen to a wide variety of subjects discussed. There is nothing new under the sun. Right now, we are going through a period where more people no longer want to endure sound doctrine. Also, most “hot button” issues today revolve around human sexuality: divorce, cohabitation, contraception, embryonic stem cells, porn, gay marriage.

The Bible is clear: flee fornication. Guard your eyes and ears from sources of temptation. Satisfying the flesh is the order of the day. And spewing profanity and obscenity passes for “comedy.”

We, as Catholics, are called to be holy.

God bless,

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